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Meghan and Chowdhury’s Cairnwood Wedding


Most preliminary wedding planning meetings make a lasting impression of what is to come.. Unlike many people shopping for entertainment at their wedding, Meghan and Chowdhury had a definite idea of what they were looking for  – both for the overall wedding and the DJ. During the pre-wedding meeting, Meghan expressed concerns regarding the music selection due to the different cultures represented amongst family and friends, while Meghan’s father wanted some Grateful Dead played, as well as a smattering of 70’s rock, and other jams he compiled.  Essentially, the music was all over the map, which makes things interesting and fun.  After our first meeting and some brief follow ups, we were set to make April 22nd one of the most memorable days of Meghan and Chowdhury’s lives.



Cairnwood  possesses quite a unique charm, and after the guests arrive and the Bride and Groom make their grand entrance down the beautiful staircase, the fairytale effect of Cairnwood really begins to take over.  Starting the night off with introductions and then leading into Meghan and Chowdhury’s first dance really set the mood, followed by guests transitioning into the dining room for their courses and entree. While the meal was being enjoyed, we complimented the dinner with a litany of jazz standards, easy rock, and Grateful Dead (for Dad of course). Following the entree we invited all the guests back in to the library to work off their meals.  As soon as we opened up the dance floor, the whole place was shaking to everything from the sounds of Motown to Rihanna were played. Chowdhury wanted some dance music from his hometown, but he was skeptical of how the crowd would respond. I suggested going with the popular song “Jai Ho” from the movie Slumdog Millionaire, and it was a huge hit, with the guests tearing up the floor for the rest of the evening. I try to tell all brides and grooms that I work with that it’s the little things that will make your reception stand out from all the others. When you work with a company that has been around as long as Cutting Edge Entertainment, our experience allows us to turn your vision into reality.


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