Lighting is a lot of fun…

Cutting Edge Entertainment offers a bunch of fun ways to use lighting. Lighting is a colorful way to add some excitement, pop and panache to your event.

Up lighting

Up lighting is a cool and inexpensive way to create ambiance and atmosphere, using light to virtually repaint walls and pillars in either subtle hues or rich vibrant colors.

Monogramed Gobo

Using light through something called a Gobo, we can project your customized monogram or logo on to a dance floor or wall.

Totem lighting

Using two 7’ totems with moving light effects atop of them at either side of the DJ is a cool way to add color and excitement moving lights on the dance floor.

Overhead Effects Lighting

Using a variety of lighting fixtures mounted on a truss over the DJ, we create an exciting and festive club-like atmosphere on the dance floor.

LED Stages

Our lighted LED Stages come in 4’x3’ sections and act as cool risers for guests to dance on creating a focal point with a Disco/Nightclub/Soul Train kind of feel. Very cool!

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Up lighting and monogram gobo

Up lighting, monogram gobo, overhead lighting and LED stages

Up lighting

Totem lighting