Jessica and Dan’s Philadelphia Wedding


I met with Jessica and Dan for the second time just a few short weeks before the wedding, which was to be held at the Le Meridien Hotel in Philadelphia – to go over the final details.  We sat for a while, picking out music for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and of course for dancing.  The bride and groom warned that their friends and family are pretty big party people, which I was excited to hear.

I’ve sometimes heard potential brides and grooms say that because they had a ‘dancing crowd’, it wouldn’t really matter who their DJ was.  Not only do I disagree with that way of thinking, I strongly believe that if you and your guests are big dancers, then your choice of DJ is even more important.  An experienced professional DJ knows what songs to play when the time comes to get people out there on the dance floor, and what to play next to keep them there.  For me this process begins weeks and months prior to the wedding while talking and planning with the bride and groom.  They can give me great ideas as to what their friends and family like to sing, listen, and dance to.  I also want to know what the bride and groom like music-wise, because if the bride and groom are up dancing, guests will naturally gravitate to them and join them on the dance floor.  At the wedding itself, I am always paying attention to the crowd to best “read the crowd”.  I use the selections the bride and groom suggest, and use my experience and my knowledge of music to fill in the blanks.



Jessica and Dan couldn’t have been more  right on about their crowd being big dancers, because they were awesome.  Everyone from the little flower girls to the grandparents were dancing and dancing and dancing, which makes my job as a Wedding DJ that much more fun.  This was also my first time working with Lauren and Tim Fair Photography, they are an amazing couple and talented photographers that I enjoyed working with.  I also worked with Andrew and Gwenyth, of Lightworks Films, another husband and wife team that did a great job capturing the reception on film.  I am a huge fan of cinematography and am confident that now Jessica and Dan have video they can pass along to their children and grandchildren of one of the happiest days of their lives.

A few weeks after the wedding, Jessica and Dan went on Wedding and submitted the following testimonial for myself and our team:

Love Richie and the people at Cutting Edge. He was fun, upbeat, and was extremely enjoyable to work with. We had a lot of last minute changes, and he just rolled with it. It was incredible. The guests were dancing, and I received multiple people telling me the music selection was great. I would recommend him to anyone. 🙂

Thank you so much for the kind words and wish you both all the best!!


Images courtesy of Lauren Fair Photography

Video courtesy of LightWorks Films

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