Tracy and Tim’s Fun Bucks County Wedding


At times, while writing, we look for extravagant words to paint scenes for our readers, while often times the most simple word says it all…  Fun. This is the best possible word that could accurately describe Tim and Tracy’s wedding at the Northampton Country Club in Bucks County. From the moment the party began to the last song, I never felt as if I was working. I felt as if I was the DJ for a group of friends who all were ready to have the time of their lives…and they sure did.

I knew it was going to be an exciting night as Tracy walked into the ballroom with a huge smile on her face as she gazed upon the scene; tables set, centerpieces in place, and up lighting creating pillars of light around the room. Tim was also grinning and pumping his fist in anticipation for the start of the evening. The party-goers laughed and joked as they entered the room at Northampton Valley Country Club, and there were hugs and smiles as Tim and Tracy greeted each guest at the door personally. The bridal party danced into the room during introductions, and before dinner was even finished, everyone was ready to get up and party.

There were memories in the making all evening. Tracy shared a special dance with her Pop-pop, and Tim’s brother put on a break dancing show that drew wows and applause from all who were watching him. My DJ Jack and I mixed throughout the night, playing all kinds of music from Robin S. to LMFAO to Otis Day to the Jackson 5. The energy in the room was palpable, and even those who wouldn’t normally dance could not have helped themselves from getting out onto the dance floor. The wedding reception was over before we knew it, and there were even more hugs and smiles as all the guests headed out the door. It is a true pleasure to MC and DJ weddings like Tracy and Tim’s, and it’s a big part of the reason I have been able to enjoy my years at Cutting Edge Entertainment.



Simply put, it is pure fun.

Congratulations again to Tracy and Tim. I wish you a lifetime of happiness, and as much joy as was present at your wedding. Thank you to the staff at the Northampton Country Club in Bucks County, as well as Aaron Mitchell Photography for the marvelous pictures.


Images courtesy of Aaron Mitchell Photography

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