All You Need Is Love


On Saturday, August 13 of 2011, a young and excited bride-to-be went with her mother, father, and several other family members and friends to a bridal salon to select a dress for her wedding. Sadly, this bridal shop – in Somers Point, New Jersey – decided that they would not sell a dress to this particular bride… because she is gay. Here is a link to the article about this story which was published on

I’ve wanted to write a blog post about this particular topic for a long time now… all I needed was a spark… and now I have it.

First, I’d like to say that we here at Cutting Edge Entertainment had the pleasure of meeting with this particular couple only a few short weeks ago in regard to providing a DJ for their wedding. As a company – and I speak not just for myself as the owner but for all of my employees – we DJ weddings. We do not care what race, religion, origin or sexual orientation you are. We are happy to DJ your wedding reception and give you a great party. All you need is love.

Also, please note that I didn’t call it a ‘commitment ceremony’ or a ‘civil union’, but a wedding. I/we don’t really care what the law says in regard to acceptable terminology, nor do we understand it. A wedding is a wedding, and we do not require a gay couple to forewarn us of their being a gay couple prior to meeting with us. If you want to get married, we want to be your DJ.

As for me personally – as the owner of the company – I understand completely that some folks may not agree with us. Some folks may not want to do business with us because I took this position on this issue, but I am not afraid. And should there be people who do not want to do business with our DJ Company because we feel this way, I feel sorry for them, because just as there is nothing wrong with being gay, there is nothing wrong with our DJ services. We actually happen to be quite good, both as DJs and as people.

Perhaps forty years ago this same thing might have happened to a white bride marrying a black groom, or a Protestant marrying a Catholic ten years before that, but this is the 21st Century, and let it be known to all, Cutting Edge Entertainment does not and will not discriminate against anyone who is in love.

Love is the only requirement there should ever be to get married and have a wedding. No persons should be ostracized for wanting to celebrate their love.

Again, in the immortal words of the late John Lennon, “All you need is love”.

Cutting Edge Entertainment

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  1. Hope HIlby

    After reading this story about the terrible things said to these brides, i was livid.

    You summed up in this post just what needed to be said. Would love to see the Events Industry follow your example and post more of these company statements in support of the LGBT community.

    Am proud and honored as well to know such a great Company and the man behind it.

    Hope Hilby
    Floral Decorator-emerita

  2. Marco T

    I’m really glad I found this, and while I am sad that we live in a world with such bigotry that companies would have to say this, I am grateful that you did.

    As an openly gay person, I have experienced the type of bigotry that girl did many times over, and it hurts just as much every time. It is good to see a business not only welcome gay business (although, unlike that salon, most now do) and even better to know that you weren’t afraid to say it out loud.

    Thank you

  3. Amy

    Craig, this is amazing. I have read it three times now and am still moved.

    Way to cut through all the bullshit…all you do need is love.

  4. Very well said, Craig. I’m glad to see someone stand up and express the right opinion on this topic.

    Love, is love…and it needs to be shared with the world.

    I’m proud to be a member of a team that supports the union/marriage of ANYONE willing to say “I Do”.

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