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John and Noelle’s Cairnwood Wedding Adventure

It’s often said that even the best laid plans will go astray. It’s often said that you should always have a “plan B”. Well, what happens when you don’t even expect a “plan B” to be necessary and its needed anyway…think quickly and smile through the alterations!

A rainy day is the perfect time for a walk in the woods.
– Unknown

This may be the most concise quote to describe the wedding day of Noelle and John. It was an event that was in the same instance both classical beautiful, while being hectically fun. Simply stating that… although there may be rain overhead, that should not stop you for embarking on an adventure. Taking place at the immaculate setting that is Cairnwood, this day would kick off the greatest adventure for Noelle and John.

The day started like any other; a routine load-in, set-up and prep session. The ceremony was splashed by a gorgeous sun, which quickly led to a few unruly clouds. When the rain began to drizzle from the sky the staff, as well as the guests, forged ahead and ignore the drops…then, it began to rain. Thinking quickly, all of the necessary materials were transported to the Great Hall and the ceremony continued. Our bride and groom kept smiling throughout the entire scenario.

The Great Hall would continue to be the main setting for many of the evening’s formalities, including our first dance and toasts…or is that “roasts”? The next few chunks of the evening took care of dinner and a sugar-covered cake cutting. It’s becoming a rarity when the bride and groom will smother one another in icing, but they were awaiting it tonight.


Our parent dances officially opened the dance floor, as Noelle dance to “Daddy’s Little Girl” (Michael Buble) and John danced to a “Song for Mama” (Boyz II Men) with his mother. The dancing was a classic blend of dance hits and current tracks. John and his friends sang every work to a few Old-School hip-hop songs, while Noelle joined in to wave their arms to a little New Kids on the Block.



The night closed with a bang as Noelle and John shared the floor with their closest friends and family. Smiling all the way, they were ready to embark on their journey together.

Thank you, Noelle and John, for allowing Cutting Edge to share this special day with you. Congratulations!


Images courtesy of Candid Moments Photography




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