A Blue Bell Country Club Wedding


Cutting Edge Entertainment has been in business since 1992, and during that time many amazing DJs have been apart of it. The first DJ ever hired by Cutting Edge Entertainment, is the infamous “Laser” Lou Geld. Not only was Lou one of the first DJs of Cutting Edge, but he is also one of the most talented ones of all time. Unfortunately, as time goes on, people move on and Lou moved on to bigger and better things. However, his impact on the company was great and helped trained a future generation of DJs, including myself. When I got a call from his cousin Jillian to DJ her wedding, I jumped right on it the opportunity. Jillian was excited about her wedding and had big plans for an awesome reception. She decided to not only book us for the music, but lighting as well. Jillian did a great job planning the wedding, as her then fiancee was away serving our Country in the U.S. Navy.


The wedding was held at the beautiful Blue Bell Country Club, and I once again had the chance to once again work with outstanding tennis player and photographer John Costello. Together with his wife Doris, they did an excellent job capturing an event. We started the day by providing music for their ceremony which was on-site. As guests were seated waiting for the ceremony to begin, I played string quartet music. The bride had a special surprise for her father as they walked down the aisle. We started the traditional “Canon In D” from Pachabel and then once they got half way down the aisle I switched it up to “High Hopes” from Frank Sinatra, one of her dad’s favorite songs. Once the ceremony was over, everyone moved on to cocktail hour, where again I provided the soundtrack. When cocktail hour ended we gathered everyone into the ballroom, and introduced our parents, bridal party, and finally our bride and groom. Jillian and Michael danced their first dance which was “Take My Breath Away” from Berlin, from one of their favorite movies of all time “Top Gun”. The party was a blast and after I played the last song, there was a huge chant of “One more song!” The manager at the country club was very nice to let them go about five minutes overtime, as I complied to their request.


I really enjoy staying in touch with my brides and grooms. Since their wedding in June, Jillian and Michael now live out in California, starting their life together as husband and wife. It was great to get to know Michael and Jillian and I hope when they come back to town they give me a shout. I and the entire staff at Cutting Edge Entertainment wish you both all the best. I also wait patiently and hope one day the rumors come true and “Laser” Lou comes out of retirement, puts the headphones on, and gets back behind the mixer… where he belongs.


Images Courtesy of Costello Photography

Blue Bell Country Club


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