Courtney’s Sweet 16 Gets “Bugged”

Sweet 16 New Jersey

On June 12th, 2010, Courtney’s Sweet 16 became “The Greatest Show on Earth”. Kathy – Courtney’s Mom – dubbed me as the acting “Ringleader” of this three-ring celebration, as the carnival was literally brought right to their backyard. We spoke several times prior to the event, and I’d have to say, it’s likely that the Ringling Brothers couldn’t have pulled off what Kathy had in store.

There was a dunk tank, a strength meter (you know, the one where you have to ring the bell), as well as a few other circus games, and the guests were treated to funnel cake and hot dogs, all keeping with the circus/carnival theme. As Courtney and her friends played the games, they won raffle tickets, which in turn were placed in baskets for even bigger prizes to be raffled off later in the evening. Amongst the prizes were Phillies tickets, gift cards to Rita’s and iTunes, and three surprise drawings, with a grand prize surprise that was saved for the very last.

New Jersey Sweet 16

Of course, it wouldn’t be a circus without an animal, and although insects aren’t the usual animals you find at a circus, this one had a very big bug. It rolled into the backyard just after Courtney was blindfolded so that she would have no idea what was about to transpire. The “big bug” (a shiny new Volkswagen Beetle to be more specific) made its way onto the grass. It was then that Courtney’s blindfold was removed for the big reveal. “I have dreamt of a red Volkswagen Bug since I was 10 years old,” was Courtney’s comment to me when we got a moment to talk about her gift (It took her a while to calm down after her initial shock and excitement over her Sweet 16 gift). There was even a birthday cake shaped like a VW Bug that was brought out as everyone sang “Happy Birthday”.

Lambertville Sweet 16

Thanks to Leslie from Conway Productions for providing photos from the event, and to the Cole family for giving this DJ the chance to be ring leader for the day. Once again Courtney, happy birthday, and best of luck with your new convertible!

-DJ Foltzy

Photos courtesy of Conway Productions –

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