Jordyn’s Record Hop: Lights, Camera, DJ

Bucks County DJ

Jordyn’s Record Hop was held at the Richboro Senior Center, which is of course, in Richboro, Bucks County Pennsylvania. The theme Jordyn and her parents came up with was “Club Jordyn”, kind of a kids nightclub. Along with other event professionals, it was our job to help accomplish this, particularly the “lights and DJ” aspects of the night club.

We invited photographer Erin Duffy to ride shotgun with us to create a sort of photo documentary of what goes into putting together one of our production events. To this end, all of the credit for pulling it off (on our end) goes to Carl, our Production Manager. Carl is sort of the unsung hero of Cutting Edge, and with the help of event planner Renee Grande and a crack Cutting Edge team, we transformed the room at the Richboro Senior Center.

Richboro DJ

Carl checks things out upon arrival.

Richboro Production Company

The unload begins.

Light Show set up

And continues…

Loading in Lights

So much stuff to unload.


As Carl diligently checks in all the lighting gear.

Mark takes a break

Nate, Adam and Carl take a short break while Marc calls his mom.


Carl screwing around (figuratively) as he picks out the screws and bolts that will connect the trussing structure.

Adam makes ends meet

Adam putting together the legs of the trussing structure, attaching the corner blocks.

Team raises truss

And then it’s time to raise the structure.
Once the sides are up, both are bolted together.

Large lighting set up

Once the truss legs are raised, they are quickly secured together.
Here, Carl bolts together the unattached pieces while standing on a scaffold.
(the structure stands at eleven feet).

Adam looks happy

Adam is happy to see things looking up, while Marc realizes his laces are untied.

Keeping an eye

Nate, in a moment of confusion asks, “Wait, has anyone seen my iPhone?”
As Marc and Carl begin to hang the lighting from the truss.

Ashley and Emily

Dancers Ashley and Emily arrive and greet Jordyn and her mom.

Carl directs the team

Carl takes command, giving instructions to the crew and telling Adam (the DJ) and Joe (the other DJ) to start hooking up the sound system.

LED manual

Carl reading the instruction manual,
“Wait, okay, am I doing this right?”


Dancer Qadir.
Is he doing a flip, or falling off the truss?

DJ booth

Carl positioning lights, while DJ Adam tests the sound in the lit up DJ booth.

Readying Room

Photographer Scott Duretz snapping a few photos as the team finishes up while ladders, scaffolds and road cases are stowed away.

Final touches

And finally “Club Jordyn” is ready for the guests to arrive.

Many hours of preparation go into the setup (and later, the tear down) of this sort of production.  Special thanks to our team: Carl and Marc on production, our DJ team Adam and Joe, and MC Nate on sound and production assistance and the event coordinator Renee Grande from Events By Monroe for making this all possible.

A very special thanks to photographer Erin Duffy, for helping us to create this play-by-play photo documentary and capturing these images that helped to tell the story of what goes into creating a Cutting Edge Entertainment DJ and lighting production.

To view the prequel to this  blog post, see “Jordyn’s Record Hop”.

Photos courtesy of Erin Duffy

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