Will The FCC Crash Your Party?

Philly DJ

As of June 12, 2010, The United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has designated that anyone using a wireless microphone (or similar device) that operates in the 700 MHz Band will have to stop using that device, or face up to $10,000.00 or more in fines and penalties.

For more details check out –  http://www.fcc.gov/cgb/wirelessmicrophones/

As of today, June 14, 2010, Cutting Edge Entertainment is 100% compliant with this law. Over the past six months, we have taken twelve wireless microphones out of service, replacing them with brand new microphones which are compliant with the new FCC rules.

One might ask “Why should this concern a client?”, and the answer is fairly simple. The frequencies between 698 and 806 (the 700 MHz Band) are now designated to be used for public safety entities (such as police, fire and emergency services). Naturally, we don’t want to interfere with law enforcement (typically a bad idea), but even more so, we don’t want them interfering with us doing our job at your event.

Imagine the police car cruising by a local venue, and suddenly hearing “And now let’s welcome in our guest of honor” broadcast over his police radio. Not only will the DJ be fined, but the DJ (or band) certainly wouldn’t be allowed to use that microphone for the remainder of the party or event. That’s why a client hiring a DJ or band should be concerned.

At Cutting Edge Entertainment, we own all of our own fully insured and maintained sound systems and DJ rigs. Since we do not subcontract our entertainers, it ensures that we control what equipment is being dispatched to an event, while staying current on the laws governing what we do which allows us to be aware of what changes need to be made, and we make them swiftly and universally.

That’s called staying on the cutting edge.


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  1. You’re half-right. The FCC is kicking small-potatoes homesteaders such as DJs off but it’s not for anything so noble as emergency responders. It has much more to do with picking winners and losers after the FCC demanded that the broadcasters discontinue analog teevee. Instead of allowing it to be free to all who are already making use of it (you), they will brought the value of your investment to $0 so that big campaign contributors can have to eliminate competition.


  2. Hey Joe,

    This is new information to us. Our friends in fire and rescue tell us they will be making use of these new frequencies now that they are available.

    In either case the fact remains; it is illegal for cordless microphone devices to use it.

  3. Good blog Craig and I like how you keep it consumer focused. I found out about this some time ago. Thank goodness for frequency flexible wireless mics. I lost 10 selectable frequencies on this deal, but luckily that leaves me with 5 usuable frequencies outside the outlawed range on my existing gear. BTW; not only could we interfere with a police or fire call, but imagine doing introductions or a wedding ceremony and your wireless receiver picking up a police call and broadcasting it over your system! DJ and entertainers of all kinds really need to stay away from these frequencies as they become utilized by emergency services.

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