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Where No Bar Mitzvah DJ Has Gone Before…

On Saturday, the first of May, I had my first experience “beaming” my guest of honor into the room. Yes, you read correctly, beaming as in transported. May 1st was a Star Trek themed celebration for Ian’s Bar Mitzvah.

Ian is a huge Star Trek fan which he will no doubt tell you if ever you should meet him, and when we walked into the ballroom, there was no doubt in our minds of his love for all things Star Trek. From the centerpieces that included framed pictures of Star Trek characters and rock candy “dilithium crystals”, to the huge diagram of the Enterprise displayed at the entrance of the room, Ian’s mother, Karen, made sure that every detail was covered.

The night went off with out a hitch. The crowd was incredible and really knew how to party. Another first was that we had a sign language interpreter because about a quarter of the guests were deaf. It was a unique experience to work with an interpreter because not only did I have to let my own staff and the photographer know what was going on, I also had to make sure I was communicating clearly with the interpreter because she was signing the toasts, announcements, and games to all of the guests.

I think I can speak for my entire staff when I say that this party was not only fun but one of the coolest (and most educational) events we’ve ever done. It was wonderful to see how happy Dean, Karen, Jenna, and Ian were with the evening. It’s working with clients like the Staller family that reinforces my love of this job.


Bar Mitzvah Dancer

To the Cutting Edge Staff,

Absolutely out of this world!!! We have not come down out of the clouds!!! Shoshana and her dancers MADE our party!!!

Craig wanted to know every detail during the planning phase and I started to feel confident he would do “a good job” with our son’s bar mitzvah. Then we met our MC, Shoshana, and fell in love with her. She had FABULOUS ideas, hit it off with our eight year old daughter and was so full of fun and effervescence and that we just knew, “this is gonna go well”. When we found out our party was going to be smaller than we thought, Shoshanna reassured us it would still rock. Craig came up with a way to “beam” our son into his Star Trek themed reception and we were beside ourselves. We were READY!

When we walked into the reception and the whole Cutting Edge crew was wearing Star Trek uniforms, we lost it! They rocked the room for FOUR HOURS straight . . . their energy was UNBELIEVABLE, the kids AND adults loved them and we were just . . . beyond words. Cutting Edge will do ALL of our affairs and we will recommend them to everyone we meet!

Thank You,
Karen Staller

Photos courtesy of Michael Duretz –


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