Manor House at Commonwealth

Horsham, PA

In all the years of being a professional disc jockey, I’ve had the opportunity to work in many different venues.  I took it upon myself to start writing blog posts on some of my favorite places to work.  There are a lot of great places to hold an event, and hopefully, in time, I’ll  get a chance write about them all.

Manor House

This past Thursday afternoon, photographer Kevin York and I drove out to Horsham, Pennsylvania to visit the Manor House at Commonwealth.  Now I’ve had many opportunities to work at this venue which, in my opinion, is one of my personal favorites.  We at Cutting Edge Entertainment have entertained at Weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet Sixteens, and all sorts of other events at The Manor House, and they’ve all been a great success.  Naturally,  I like to say it’s because we’re amazing entertainers and DJs, and that probably has a lot to do with it, but looking back at the past parties I’ve done there, I have to say Commonwealth’s staff deserve much of the credit.  The people there friendly and accommodating, and they do a great job keeping their clients and guests happy.  It’s probably also important to point out that they do an outstanding job of coordinating with all of the other event professionals at the function.  At a party, it’s very important for the DJ to be in constant contact with all of the other professionals, particularly the kitchen.  The key to a great party is eliminating any lull or downtime,  while always keeping the guests occupied with either dancing, eating, or traditional party formalities.  In my opinion, even the slightest pause in the party time line can really throw things off, so it’s always best that to work together with all the professionals at the event to keep all attending entertained.

Manor House

Manor House

When Kevin and I went over to the Manor House at Commonwealth we learned some history of how the venue came to be.  This was originally a farmhouse built in 1709, however it was only a farmhouse.  It wasn’t until 1840 that the first expansion was made.  Then, in 1990 it became the Commonwealth’s Clubhouse for the golf course the surrounds it.  Finally in 1996, it changed to the Manor House.  At this time it began a host for affairs, and today it does approximately ninety-five weddings per year, along with Barand Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet Sixteens, Graduations, and Anniversary parties.

Manor House Staff

I’d to thank both Jennifer O’Neil and Cristy Peltzer, for giving myself and Kevin the tour around the house.  Jennifer and Cristy are a big part of the all star Catering Sales team at the Manor House at Commonwealth, and they’re really great people to work with. They honestly care about the service they deliver, and it really shows.

And last but not least, thanks to my partner in crime Kevin York, who took time out of his schedule to take some photographs of the venue.  We were very lucky to have such a beautiful day and the shots turned out great.

If you are looking for a unique and scenic venue, be sure to check out The Manor House… You won’t be disappointed.

-Richie Abrams

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