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A few months ago, Cutting Edge Entertainment had the honor of providing the dancer staff for Dave and Sheryl Williams daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. As it happens, Dave and Sheryl are friends, as well as industry colleagues. Their company, CinemaCake,  is one of the top event filmmaker/cinematographers in the Philadelphia market, so naturally they had a lot of video shot at the event (three cameras worth), and generously offered to create an “in action” demo of our staff from the event footage.

Last week, Sheryl gave me a call to schedule a time for me to come and look over the footage with their editor, so we set the date and a week later I was on my way to Wayne, Pennsylvania to check out CinemaCake’s headquarters.

When I arrived I was greeted by Dave and Sheryl, and after a short chit-chat Dave took me into CinemaCake’s command central. I was already familiar with how a videography outfit is run – editing stations, editors, computers, etc – but no matter how many times I see it, I’m always just as impressed. Dave then introduced me to Jeremy, who already had footage from my project up on four monitors (I have two monitors on my desk, so four is already most impressive). While Dave went to grab me a cup of coffee, Jeremy introduced me to Jimmy, who was working on a corporate project at the next workstation over.

So, to start off, Jeremy and Jimmy are great guys, and they really know their stuff. As soon as Jeremy and I started looking at the project, I got the feeling that he knew exactly how to achieve my vision for the video. Like Radar O’Rielly from M*A*S*H, he was finishing my sentences while at the same time giving me the utmost confidence that the finished product would far exceed my expectations. Let’s just say I’m pretty excited to see what Jeremy whips up.

What I think I liked best about my visit was getting an inside peek at the inner workings of CinemaCake and their creative process. I’m fairly certain that clients have no idea what goes into the post production of a video, and the skill level of Jeremy and Jimmy was clearly exceptional. It was easy to see that they were passionate about their work, and although Jeremy intuitively knew what I wanted, he left me with the impression that he was going to create a video that I would love.

When I wrapped up with Jeremy, I went to say goodbye to Sheryl and Dave, who were meeting with their photographers from the event, Sarah and Tony DiCicco. It was the first time I’d made their acquaintance, and after a brief introduction they said they had some great photos of my staff from the event as well, which was like cherries on top of an already outstanding visit (or CinemaCake, pun intended).

I didn’t leave without homework though, but thankfully it was of the musical variety… Come up with music for the demo video. Shouldn’t be too hard for a Disc Jockey, so I’ll have to hit some of my DJ buddies up for some original tracks.

Be sure to stay tuned here to the Cutting Edge DJ blog for what should prove to be some world-class footage of our staff in action, and if you are looking for exceptional video for your upcoming event, be sure to check out the CinemaCake website… You won’t be disappointed.


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