Bat Mitzvah Dancers In Action

Although the Cutting Edge Entertainment Dance Crew has been the choice of some of the most prominent band leaders, DJ companies and entertainers in the City of Philadelphia, it is always the greatest honor to be called upon to entertain for our industry colleagues personal events.  Not only did Cutting Edge have the pleasure of entertaining at the Bat Mitzvah of Danielle Williams, but it just so happens that Danielle’s parents are Dave and Sheryl Williams from CinemaCake, by far one of the most prominent and talented event cinematography companies in Philadelphia.

Which is how we ended up with such an awesome video – as a thank you from Dave and Sheryl – highlighting our staff in action at Danielle’s Bat Mitzvah.  Dancers Nate, Tony, Emily and Brittany bring super charged energy to every event, and combined with the mad editing skills of Jeremy from CinemaCake, and topped off with the original music of Samik G (another Cutting Edge alumn) the results are truly explosive.

After watching the first edit with Pedro, followed by a moment of silence, Pedro turned to me with a look of awe and uttered one word… “Intense”.

I’d have to agree with him.

Thank you Dave and Sheryl,


CinemaCake –

Samik G “The Symphony”

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  1. Tony Azzaro

    Jeremy, as someone who does video editing, let me use some techincal terms here…you are a beast!!! Intense is the perfect word for this video. Samik, what a track man, absolutely awesome. The energy jumps out of this video. Thank you so much Cinemacake. Congrats again to Danielle and the Williams family!

  2. Shoshana Katz

    1. That looked like an incredible party.
    2. My fellow dancers…. you make mama proud
    3. What’s up salsa routine
    4. Samiky awesome awesome song
    5. This video is incredible!!!

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