Love Of A Lifetime

On Sunday, May 23, 2010 Miss Faye Allard was wed to Mr. Matthew Glass in a ceremony held at the Independence Seaport Museum – followed by a reception – all of which were won in the “Love Of a Lifetime” (LOL) wedding giveaway, sponsored by Events at I.S.M. and in concert with dozens of other prominent and talented wedding professionals from the City of Philadelphia, who volunteered their time and services to make this wedding happen.

Philadelphia Wedding

I stood watching the bridal party make their way up the stairs to the overlook where the ceremony was to be held, led by Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter. Faye, the bride, naturally followed behind arm in arm with her father who was about to give away his daughter to the age old tradition of matrimony… and that’s when Faye saw me, and in this moment caught on film by Photographer Kevin York, stepped out of the procession, gave me a big hug, and said “Thank you”.

No Faye, Thank YOU.

There are moments in my career that I am reminded of why I do what I do. Yes, Matthew and Faye were a really great couple to work with, and they are really nice people, but what truly made all the hard work worthwhile – and I think I speak for all of the professionals involved – is that the bride and groom were grateful for everything. I witnessed Matthew and Faye thanking everyone, sometimes several times, for many of which Faye’s eyes would fill with tears of utter joy. It is good that Faye and Matthew Glass won this wedding, because they deserved it.

Faye updated her Facebook status to say that she was the luckiest girl in the world, which I heard her repeat to so many of the colleagues who we worked alongside (with honorable mention to the team at Eclatante Event Design, who really pulled it all together).

I’d have to say we all were about as equally, if not more lucky to have had Faye and Matthew as our Bride and Groom. Thank you both for being so thankful and grateful, it really means more than you could ever know, and keeps us all doing what we do.

Good luck Mr. and Mrs. Glass.


Here is the re-cap/day-of of the event courtesy of the folks at CinemaCake filmmakers. Be sure to check out the credits at the end of the video for a listing of all the professionals whose contribution made the day possible.

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