Gaffers Tape

DJ Gaffer tape

When Cutting Edge Entertainment provides a DJ or lighting for an event, we are careful to secure cables or tape down wires, and we only use gaffer’s tape, or “gaf” tape.  Gaffers tape is more expensive than duct tape (about four times the price), but it doesn’t leave the sticky residue that duct tape leaves when it is removed .  Unlike duct tape, which is a non bio-degradable polyethylene, gaffers tape is a cotton cloth pressure sensitive tape, which makes it not only a strong adhesive, but far more Eco-friendly than common duct tape. Gaffers tape adheres strongly, but can be removed cleanly, which ensures not only that it won’t leave a gooey residue on carpet, floors or molding, but it also won’t remove paint from from surfaces.

It’s used on theater, film and television productions as well as live performances and any other kind of stage work. The most common use for gaffer tape is securing cables to the stage floor or other surface, either for safety or to keep them out of view of the audience or camera. Camera assistants use short strips of different colors to lay blocking markers for actors. Gaffers tape is preferred in entertainment circles, as it does not leave a sticky residue when removed, comes in matte black, and is easily torn into thin strips for precise application.

Naturally, a DJ should tape down and secure wires and cables to create a clean looking appearance, as well as to ensure safety (wouldn’t want Aunt Louise tripping over a stray wire now would we?). Using gaf tape is just one of the small and typically unknown details that a client or venue doesn’t see that makes a big difference. Sure it costs more, but doing things the right way often does.

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