Jackie’s “Miami” Sweet 16

Sweet Sixteen

On May 15th 2010, in a place 1,210 miles north of The Magic City (according to Google maps) and on a night about 20 degrees cooler, Miami fever was sweeping through Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. As we headed out to the event, Jack and I had no idea of the wild party that lay ahead of us that evening. When we arrived at the King of Prussia Towers Club House, Jackie was already bubbling with excitement. She was rocking a bright yellow dress that would have made even the most die hard Miami senoritas proud. The room was draped in bright orange and pink, complete with a drink bar serving limeade and tropical drinks in multi-colored margarita glasses. I managed to grab one of the flamingo straws and perch it on my table. Even DJs like to have a mascot. Jack polished off the festive look with a creative light show composed of bright blues, yellows and greens. When it was show time, the room looked more like the set of a Ricky Martin music video than that of a club house! ‘Can Philadelphia handle this much heat?’ I wondered to myself.

Sweet Sixteen DJ

As all of Jackie’s friends walked through the doors into paradise, Jackie was hidden away in another room waiting for her grand entrance. I walked back to check on her, only to find her giggling in anticipation. I dimmed the lights and got all the party goers up clapping their hands and stomping their feet. Jack’s lights were sweeping the room creating an introduction fit for Gloria Estefan herself. The crowd let out a roar when Jackie was carried in upon a surf board to a mash up of Will Smith’s “Miami” and LMFAO’s “I’m In Miami”, mixed by yours truly. “Club Jackie” was officially open for business. After that moment, the party never stopped until the end of the night. The dance floor was packed so tight, that the people dancing looked like sardines in a can. The rest of the evening was a musical journey that would have made even the most advanced DJ excited. The kids rocked out to everything from The Black Eyed Peas to Kool and the Gang to Pink to Justin Bieber. Of course, let’s not forget the Miami flavored set that had the whole place shaking from top to bottom. I walked over to the incredible cake to have Jackie cut it, and she was standing there rocking her socks off! She barely stopped to cut the cake, but we got her to slow down enough to keep all of her fingers.

Sweet 16 Dancing

The party was a blast, I am positive that I had as much fun DJing as everyone else did partying! At the end of the night, no one wanted to leave. It was a party that would have made the Miami Sound Machine proud. Jackie’s mom even said to me “Every song you played made me feel like dancing!” Thank you Jackie and your family for giving me the privilege of being the DJ for your Sweet 16, and I hope you had as much fun as I did!

-Tony A.

Sweet Sixteen Group

P.S. I’d also like to thank Melissa Cotter for the fantastic pictures she supplied us from the party. You’re awesome!

Photos Courtesy of Melissa Cotter – Melissa Cotter Photography on Facebook


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