Talent Personified: The Cast of Cutting Edge

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Cutting Edge Entertainment is talent personified. It is from within our hallowed studio that many of Philadelphia’s greatest entertainers continue to emerge. We brag because we can… we’re just that good. It isn’t really bragging though, it’s pride, coupled with a commitment to excellence that has no rival in the City of Philadelphia.


Someone once asked if I had moments of regret for choosing the name “Cutting Edge” for our company. If somehow we could have chosen another word that hadn’t such a connotation of what was new and avant-garde. I wondered if some other name would have lessened pressure of achievement and innovation, somehow making it alright to settle for mediocrity. Perhaps. But as it stands, the name is Cutting Edge, and so we are.

Mitzvah Dancers

Lights and camera are concluded by action, almost as if to be the punctuation of the words which came before it. Action is what the entertainer brings to the table in any equation, and our approach to interactive entertainment is on both the micro and macro level. Practice makes perfect, and working often as well as a regular rehearsal schedule are a part of Cutting Edge Entertainment’s rigorous approach to event entertainment. The key word is “interactive”. Lights and cameras are important and integral parts of any production, but the performers are the catalyst that create the excitement.

Cutting Edge Entertainment

If you were to ask our entertainment staff about the hard work they put in to training and rehearsal, it’s quite likely that they would have no idea what you were talking about. As Mary Poppins said, “In any job that must be done there is an element of fun… Find the fun and SNAP, the job’s a game”. The cast at Cutting Edge Entertainment is like one big spoonful of sugar, and they inject fun into everything they do.

Many thanks to Photographer Kevin York and NJ Blast Energy drinks for sponsoring or April 2010 rehearsal.


Kevin York Photography – www.kevinyorkphotography.com

N.J. Blast Energy Drinks – www.njblast.com


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  1. Craig – Thank you for the opportunity to sponsor your April 2010 rehearsal. It was a pleasure to be able to add some additional energy to an already energetic group of entertainers. It’s obvious that your team has fun with whatever they do! Thanks again and we look forward to working with you soon!

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