Don’t Underestimate A Wedding DJ: Part Deux


To err is human, to forgive divine
~ Alexander Pope

One of the blogs I like to read/follow is’s ‘Savvy Scoop‘. As an owner of a DJ entertainment company in the event business, as well as a blogger myself, it’s important to follow other related blogs and publications to keep up on trends in my industry. A few days ago, I discovered a blog post on the Savvy Scoop that had some (I repeat, “some”) misinformation regarding the wedding DJ’s role and significance at a wedding reception.

Yesterday, I began to craft a response in the form of a blog post to OneWed regarding that specific article. I had already spoken with Chris from The Man Registry (the author of the article in question) who had assured me that it had not been intended to come off that way. Yet still the article stood.

Last night I published my response (click here), and within an hour the blog post on Savvy Scoop had been taken down, and I received a message that Troy – the C.E.O. of – had called, and would very much like to speak with me in regard to the situation. I must say, I was very surprised. I phoned him back but we weren’t able to reconnect again until this morning.

First let me say that Troy is a business person that cares, and more importantly that listens. We spoke and great length, and to summarize in a nutshell he said that my response to his article enabled to see things from the perspective of the DJ (something Chris had said less than 24 hours earlier). Once he re-read the article, he saw how that one sentence was not accurate, and therefore he removed it.

So score one for the DJ right? Unfortunately, no.

I asked Troy to re-post the blog, and to simply strike the sentence in question and provide an annotation that he and I both agreed would be more accurate. He agreed.

Here is a link to the re-posted article

The article itself was pretty good, but the line I had had the issue with really minimized the DJs role at a wedding reception.  An iPod at a wedding reception can in fact play music, but a DJ – or at least a good one – does much more than just make announcements as the offending sentence alluded.

Troy didn’t have to hear me out, and he certainly didn’t need to acquiesce.  He listened, we talked, and I honestly feel that he – as well as the author – did not intend to misinform their readers.  After speaking with Troy I have a new found respect for his website, his blog and his brand.  I believe he truly cares, and his willingness to react by taking down the article and then to reach out to me shows me he is a person of character and empathy.

It takes a very big person to admit a mistake.  I applaud you Troy for your understanding and willingness to publicly correct your mistake.  If your website is any reflection of your character, I predict you will have great success.

Thank you for listening Troy,

Cutting Edge Entertainment

‘DJ Brain’ illustration by Sean Gallo Designs

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  1. Craig,

    Thank you for the kind words.

    As you now understand, we certainly did not intend to post something that would hurt DJ’s (or any other wedding vendor) in any way. As soon as I read the post last night, I had it taken down from the Savvy Scoop.

    After discussing the situation with you this morning, I took your advice and we re-posted the entry, clearly showing the edits that we made to correct it. I think it was important to not just correct it, but to acknowledge that we had made a mistake in the initial post.

    Every day I feel like I learn something new, and today I learned a LOT! Thank you for your help and I look forward to seeing more of your words on the Savvy Scoop soon!

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