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In a series of recent articles by The Man Registry published on the OneWed ‘Savvy Scoop’ blog, the author offers the readers some of what I would call ‘misinformation’. The first article goes on to say things like “Go see your DJ or Band live” (an absurd suggestion, as a DJ has no right to invite perspective clients to someone else’s wedding), where the next article suggests that in choosing an iPod over a DJ or band, the only thing that is sacrificed is the announcer.

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Now considering that DJs and bands pay OneWed to advertise, is it really wise for OneWed to publish articles diminishing the value of professional entertainment/entertainers at a wedding reception?  Doesn’t seem like OneWed is looking out for it’s advertisers.

But in regard to the article…

When Aunt Rose comes up and requests a jitterbug, will the iPod somehow know just the song to play? Or maybe the random groomsman knows, and he can pull it up… after having three vodka tonics, or assuming he knows what a jitterbug is in the first place.  Or maybe the iPod can look at the dance floor and see it’s time to change it up a bit because some of the older folks have sat down for dessert and it’s a great time to play a mix of newer music for the younger guests still dancing?

I could go on, but why? I’ve talked about iPods in previous blog posts, and can see the merit in them from a budgetary perspective… but that’s all.  Heck, why not save money on the bartender as well and just set up a keg in the corner?

The bottom line really is, if you want to have entertainment at your wedding, then hire entertainment.  Both bands and DJs bring a lot more to a wedding reception than just making the announcements. An experienced DJ vs. an iPod can make all the difference in the success of your event.

Since coming across this article I expressed my sentiments to OneWed, who went on to shift the blame to The Man Registry, claiming that they were not the authors of the article.  This was disappointing, as OneWed forgets that it is published on their blog, and hence is an endorsement in itself.  As far as The Man Registry goes – a website geared more to grooms and groomsmen – I’ve always found their site to be a great resource in the past, so I’ll just write this off as a hiccup.  Chris from The Man Registry contacted me by email today, and although I told him I would be posting a response to his article, he did see my points and I found him to be quite affable. Thank you Chris.


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