Disc Jockey Overhaul

Dj Re-tool

For the past few Thursdays, Cutting Edge Entertainment has been re-tooling our DJ and production gear. Pedro, Marc and I have been working with Carl (our production manager), overhauling our equipment and making some much needed changes to the technology we implement at events. Although I admit it is exciting to see great new systems and equipment put in place, it hasn’t been easy.

Cutting Edge Entertainment is a ‘multi-op’, a term used within the disc jockey industry to describe a company that has multiple DJ rigs or setups, in our case the magic number is seven (we didn’t pick the lucky number, it just worked out that way). What this means is that on any particular day Cutting Edge Entertainment can handle up to seven simultaneous events.

That’s a lot of sound gear, so to tackle a project like re-wiring and re-tooling is no small task, it’s a major undertaking.

This year alone C.E.E. has invested thousands of dollars in new equipment, and going into 2010 we are confident that Cutting Edge Entertainment truly is ‘cutting edge.’

The 2009 year presented many challenges being a recession year, and we met it head-on with an aggressive business plan and a few staff changes, but for the most part our mission has stayed the same… to provide great entertainment.

Certainly having state of the art gear is important (great sound, cool lights, etc), but at the end of the day it’s the caliber of talent that Cutting Edge employs that makes all the difference. While having great equipment is no doubt important, it’s the skills of the artist that make the masterpiece, not the quality of his paint brush.

But it doesn’t hurt to have great paint brushes as well.

-Craig Sumsky
Cutting Edge Entertainment

P.S.  I’d like to thank Carl for his tireless efforts in overseeing this project (which still isn’t quite finished), as well and Pedro (a.k.a. wizard with a soldering gun) and Marc for all the time, work and dedication you’ve all put into this project.

P.P.S.  For those DJs out there reading this blog, you might recognize the old Soundcraftsman mixer in the photo.  It’s for sale – cheap – quite a relic and time to be retired from service.  It’s in excellent condition and would appreciate a loving home.

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Photo courtesy of the Pedro iPhone

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