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Hey Ya’ll,

Craig—“The Blog-Master”—has been getting on me for a long time to write something about myself for the Cutting Edge blog. I’m not so great at talking about myself, so I’ve struggled for some time with what to write. It dawned on me the other day, that perhaps if I shared some of my feelings regarding Cutting Edge and my experiences here, it might give ya’ll some insight into who I am.

I grew up in Houston, Texas. I come from a place where everyone smiles at you when you pass them on the street, and when your neighbor is outside working, you go over and lend a hand… because you can. I’m from a proud Italian family with a lot of heart and a lot of personality. There is always plenty of pasta and even more laughs to go around.

Coming from this background, the decision to work here at Cutting Edge was probably the easiest choice I have ever made in my life. Cutting Edge Entertainment personifies that idea of “Southern Hospitality” that so many people allude to when speaking of the South. All of the employees at Cutting Edge are personable, polite, professional… and a hell of a lot of fun! The office isn’t just a place of business, but a place to relax and hang out. We are all co-workers here, but we are also a family. We are honest with each other and bring each other up when we are down. Here at Cutting Edge, there will always be someone to greet you with a smile.

I moved from Houston to Philadelphia at age 15, and I auditioned for Cutting Edge a few months later.

I have been an entertainer all my life. I was a member of the Fort Bend Boys State Choir of Texas, and a member of my school’s Theater department as well as a dancer. I began dancing very young, greatly influenced by the wizard himself, Michael Jackson (R.I.P.) And, like all young men in Texas, I was also a committed football player. I believe the work ethic and respectful-competitiveness instilled in me because of the game have helped me excel as an entertainer. I have ten gallons worth of energy, I always dress to impress and I live to be in front of an audience. I believe that a smile can go a long way, and I enjoy having a conversation with anyone who likes to talk.

During my time with Cutting Edge, I have been fortunate enough to work with and learn from some of the best entertainers in the business. The knowledge they share with me every day, combined with the natural tools I’ve been so lucky to be blessed with, puts me in a position to knock every party out of Citizens Bank Park. I want to make every moment of every party unforgettable… that’s what you get with Tony A. When I step in front of the crowd, I’m going to give 110% the entire party. And I’ll do it with a big Texas smile on my face. I don’t want to just be the MC at your party… I want to be a part of your memory that lasts forever.

Those are just a few points about me (ya’ll come by Cutting Edge and we can get to know each other better) and those same qualities are what I believe make Cutting Edge the most unique event entertainment company in the area. Cutting Edge Entertainment is professionalism, experience, and hard work all wrapped up in a huge package and tied with a big bow of friendliness. I’d like to call myself “Mr. Cutting Edge”, but that title would go deservingly to Craig, Pedro and a few other select individuals. But, no matter who holds the title, I know that Cutting Edge Entertainment will go beyond just providing entertainment for your event… Cutting Edge will make you a memory.

So come on in and meet us! We want to be the cast that puts on the show you have always imagined. Remember… “teamwork makes the dream work.” And this one is for you Harry K…I AM OUTTA HERE!!!

-Tony A

Here is a short clip of an interview with Tony by Justin Guarini from late 2008.

Photo by Valentin

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