Profile of a Party Architect

pedrowriting by Valentin

Often times people don’t get to do what they truly love for a living.  However, through a strange series of events, I have been fortunate enough to find myself exactly where I belong.  I am Pedro Coelho, Creative Director at Cutting Edge Entertainment… and I couldn’t be happier.

My adventure with Cutting Edge started at the age of fifteen when I accepted an invitation to a school dance one night, where—unbeknownst to me—I would end up meeting the person who would shape my career for the next sixteen years.  That person was Cutting Edge Entertainment’s own Craig Sumsky.  A week later I had an audition, and was recruited as one of Cutting Edge’s newest entertainers, and so the journey began.

Fast-forward to early 2001. Now a veteran Cutting Edge performer and a full-time college student, I decided to take an internship at the greatest place on earth, Walt Disney World.  Those six months were the most amazing and life-shaping times of my life.  The people I met and the friends that I made that summer are still with me today, and my experiences as a Disney cast member helped to shape the entertainer that I am today.

After Disney, I returned to Drexel University to complete my Bachelor of Science in Information Systems with a concentration in Human Computer Interaction.  For any of you ‘geeks’ like me that want to know more, email me personally.  I don’t want to talk about any more computers so I don’t scare anyone away with my techno-babble!  😉  lol!

On graduation day, as I drove away from the Drexel parking garage with my shiny new diploma, I thought to myself, “Now what?  Do I go back to Disney?  Do I get a computer job?  Where do I go?”  I decided that I should take advantage of my education and get a ‘real job’ working on the Main Line for a financial trading firm.  It was a nice cushy job, I even got work on a trading floor just like you see in the movies.  But, as time passed, the monotony of developing software to help the rich get richer really started to wear on me.  I knew that something was missing—or maybe it had been with me all along…

What I realized was that the one constant through all of the twists and turns of my life was a little company called Cutting Edge Entertainment.  While working at Disney, Craig flew me in for an event because the client had requested me.  During my time at Drexel, I would DJ parties on the weekend to earn ‘beer money.’  When I worked my cushy job, my fellow cubicle-dwellers would sit in envy of me as I told tales of the events I worked on the previous weekend.  Cutting Edge was in my blood.

A few months ago, Craig approached me about taking on the role of Creative Director.  I asked him what he meant.  “You get to play with all the cool toys and you make sure we keep wow-ing our clients.” he said.  Well of course my answer was yes—how could it have been anything else?

My typical week as Creative Director at Cutting Edge consists of creating new and exciting services to offer our clientele, helping to train our DJ and Dancer squads on the finer points of crowd motivation, and generally working to make sure that we live up to our company name.  And by the way, I still MC parties on the weekend—that’s my favorite part!

Please call anytime if you would like to speak with me.  I’m always running around the Cutting Edge office… whether I’m working on a new interactive video game, planning our next Dancer practice with the skills I learned at Disney, or streamlining the customer experience to make planning an event with Cutting Edge as enjoyable and rewarding as possible.

Because in the end, making our clients’ special events as memorable as possible is MY JOB! 


Photo ‘Painting With Light’ by photographer Jean Valentin (Just call him Mr. V)

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  1. Tony Azzaro

    Probably the coolest picture I have ever seen made in person. Pedro is a force here at Cutting Edge. I have the privilege of saying that I learned from the best. I am excited to have him back here full time again, because it will give others the chance to learn the way I did. I can honestly say that I would not be the entertainer I am today if I wasn’t able to learn from Pedro and watch him in action.

  2. Wow Tony, thank you for the kind words! You are also a huge force at Cutting Edge, you have a huge future in entertainment ahead of you.

    I just wanted to add that working with the staff and training the younger entertainers is really my favorite part of the experience. It took me a long time to get my skills to where they are today and I love sharing that knowledge with the rest of Cutting Edge. I truly believe that our training program is absolutly the best in the city! Anything that I can do to help out pasionate people persure their dreams in entertainment, I’m all for it. Whether it be dance, acting, visual arts, or party planning, I love every aspect of it and I love teaching it even more! 🙂

    Also, thanks Mr. V for the awesome photo shoot! You are the man!

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