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Lately (within the last eight months) the most popular trend in wedding enhancements seems to be decorative lighting. Whether it be up-lighting, pin-spotting, gobos or even effects lighting on the dance floor I would say that 75% of brides are asking questions in regard to lighting. Ironically, we have been pin-spotting centerpieces and up-lighting rooms for the last ten years, but it seems to be the in trend as of late. Yes. We do do decorative lighting and I think that it is one of the most affordable ways to make a huge impact on your reception.

In surfing online for more information on the subject of event lighting, I came upon a great demo-video created by Dave Williams at DVideography showing the dramatic impact of decorative lighting. 

Here is part of a short Q&A with Dave Williams regarding the subject. 

Q: What is decorative lighting?

Decorative lighting includes up-lighting, pin-spots, gobos, and intelligent lights.

Q: How will decorative lighting enhance my affair?

Decorative lighting highlights or enhances anything you would want to draw attention to at your event. Without decorative lighting, many of the event’s details are lost. Decorative lighting adds depth, enhances colors, and helps the decorations and architecture ‘pop’.

Q: Will it work with any color scheme? (a commonly asked question)

On traditional lights, various gels are used to create moods or to match color schemes. Intelligent lights have the ability to change colors on the fly, either to subtly change moods throughout the evening or to match the music being played.

Q: Why would I want to add decorative lighting to my affair?

The benefits of decorative are obvious the second your guests walk into the event. Lighting brings the room to life and sets the mood for your event. It directs your eyes to the elements that are important; the centerpieces, the cake, the architecture, or any other decorative elements. Lighting gives your guests the ability to see and feel everything you have worked so hard to put together.

Q: Would a photographer or videographer recommend decorative lighting for an event?

Of course. The photographer and videographer have something in common – both need light for their respective crafts. With on-camera lights, both photographers and videographers can only illuminate what is directly in front of them. However, with strategically placed decorative lighting such as uplighting and pinspots, background elements (draping, walls, molding, centerpieces, etc) are visible, adding more depth to the images. Without decorative lighting, photographers and videographers have to use more flash or more video lighting to capture images properly, possibly damaging the look and feel you want.

Q: If I have candles on my centerpieces, is there still a need for pin spots?

This really depends on the type of centerpiece and the look and feel you want. Many centerpieces have elements that cannot be seen with just candle light.

Q: If I have effects lighting, do I still need decorative lighting? What is the difference?

Effects certainly have their place at a party but they cannot replace decorative lighting. Moving gobos and intelligent lighting are used primarily for a special effect while decorative lighting.Please feel free to contact us at Cutting Edge Entertainment for more information about decorative and effects lighting. Please also check out Dave Williams at DVideography. Dave is truly one of the top videographers in the Philadelphia region… Why you ask? Well, mostly because he knows what he’s doing, he does it well, and he’s a nice guy. Check out his website, and particularly his blog (which is outstanding).

 Much of the high end production work done in the videos on DVideographys website (lighting & multi-media) was produced by Eventions, one of the foremost lighting and production companies in Philadelphia.

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