The Gourmet Vendor

The Gourmet Vendor Inc. is an originator in catering. Using “Hot Dog Styled” pushcarts, The Gourmet Vendor caters many different foods for all occasions (see our large list of foods and carts on our menu page). The Gourmet Vendor is known as “The carts that cater” which cater private and corporate parties, grand openings, special events, charity events, and have appeared in TV commercials, just to name a few. From 1983, their beginning, to today, The Gourmet Vendor has become Philadelphia’s largest, and the United States’ biggest, Cart Catering Company.

The Gourmet Vendor Inc. was created in April of 1983. Owner and operator Brad Orenstein began his journey in Hot Dog Cart catering while a student at Drexel University. The business started as a part time operation for extra money. With all his savings from his Bar Mitzvah, after school jobs, and the help of his parents, Brad began his journey into the “World of Wienies” as he describes it. Brad’s mission has always been the same, “We may do many parties and events, but for the client, this is their “one” party or event. We must treat every job as if it were our own”. This is why every client of The Gourmet Vendor, speaks with Brad personally about the affair or event. Brad graduated from Drexel University in 1986 with a dual degree in Accounting and Finance. He worked in accounting for several years; however he finally left the field to pursue The Gourmet Vendor full time. To date he has even earned a Masters Degree. When asked what he does for a living, he says he is a Hot Dog Vendor. Even when his children are asked what daddy does at work, they say, “My dad is a Hot Dog Vendor.” Brad is very happy being a Hot Dog Vendor.

The Gourmet Vendor Inc.’s first actual catering job came on June 3, 1983. The event was a 70th birthday party and thrown by the man’s children. They told Brad that every year they would take their father to a nice Philadelphia restaurant and at the end of the evening he would say, “I would have been happy with a Hot Dog from a Street Cart.” That is what he had for his 70th birthday, an authentic street pushcart with hot dogs, pretzels and more.

With each year in business, The Gourmet Vendor Inc. continued to grow with more and more satisfied customers. In early 1997, The Gourmet Vendor Inc. bought out its competitor Street Corner Cuisine. Brad and The Gourmet Vendor are always striving for perfection. This is what makes The Gourmet Vendor Inc. so unique in a crowd. As the years have passed by The Gourmet Vendor has worked with many of the area’s top catering companies. We help add the touch of Philly style foods and fun to their menus. Since we specialize in Cart Catering, many area caterers like to let us handle this part of the party, when a client requests a cart at their affair. We also work with the area’s social and commercial Party Planners and Coordinators. If you have attended an event in Philadelphia which had a cart, there is a good chance it was The Gourmet Vendor.

Today our goal is simple. We want to provide all of our clients with the best food and service they are accustomed to having at their party or event. Brad Orenstein strives for perfection in his company. “We are a service company.” “Our clients use us because we provide excellent, reliable service, which will never change.” Brad is a workaholic at his trade, and if it was not for the support of his family, he could have never done what he has done, taking The Gourmet Vendor Inc. from an idea to a successful catering company.

The Gourmet Vendor used to be our neighbor here in Huntingdon Valley, but they moved.  The Chipwiches are greatly missed.  If you are having a kids Record Hop or Sweet 16 style party I highly reccomend Brad’s services.

The Gourmet Vendor

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