The Buck Hotel

Growing up in Richboro, Bucks County, as far back as I can remember there has always been The Buck Hotel. Certainly the Deer standing at the corner of Bridgetown & Bustleton Pikes was probably the only real constant, as the look of the building has changed dramatically over the years – but most dramatically since the Ruhling family took over in 2001 – and, in my opinion, the change was for the better.

Prior to 2001, the parking lot of The Buck had deteriorated into loose gravel and weeds, and the building itself had been left dilapidated by previous owners, its facade was visually untended and its interior was extremely dated (and that’s being nice). My DJ company, Cutting Edge Entertainment, had been performing at events there since the mid nineties, so to our staff was familiar with The Buck before the changes – and after – as it is one of our prime event destinations.

Let’s just say that the Ruhlings brought that property back to life. Not just in the sense of re-doing the entire building (from top to bottom, literally) but also by cleaning up the lot, maximizing parking, and returning grandeur and splendor to a local landmark that was quickly becoming a local eyesore. It was soon apparent that a real commitment was being made to the project and that the new owners (the Ruhlings) were serious about making The Buck a destination to remember.

Do I sound enthusiastic? I should, because I truly feel enthusiastic about it. The look of the property is first class, the professionalism of the staff is second to none, and the clients whom I refer to The Buck tell me that the Banquet sales staff are very helpful, and customer service oriented. You also can’t really find a more convenient and easy to find venue in all of Lower Bucks County.

And to coin a phrase, “Don’t pass The Buck.” In your search for a venue to have your upcoming celebration or event, be sure to check out The Buck Hotel… You’ll be glad you did.

-Craig Sumsky

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