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The Lake House Inn Wedding of Madison and Carson

As a DJ since 1994 and a Cutting Edge Entertainment crew member since 1996 I’ve had the good fortune to collaborate with many amazing brides and grooms, and, to us, they’re all V.I.P.

This past July, I had the opportunity to work with yet another amazing bride and groom, Madison and Carson Wentz. Like with all of the clients I work with as a Wedding DJ, they are trusting me to make their once-in-a-lifetime dream a reality.  Success is achieved through preparation, and a lot goes into preparing for a wedding – music choices, timelines, announcements, introductions, formalities, ceremony… The list is endless!

It’s like getting ready for the big game.

Madison and Carson were delightful to work with.  We spent hours working closely and communicating their ideas, and how they envisioned their big day.  They were fun, laughed a lot, and it quickly became evident the focus of their big night was food, fun and family.

On July 15, 2018 we arrived at the Lake House Inn located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania ready for a memorable day. The ceremony was full of shared love and faith overlooking beautiful Lake Nockamixon on a sun kissed afternoon. Some of country music’s best love songs filled the air during cocktail hour, which gave guests a chance to catch-up and explore the historic views of the Lake House Inn.

I have always encouraged brides and grooms to “bring the fun” from the start of the reception. If the key to having fun is to be mentally-prepared for it when it happens, then Madison and Carson were experts. The bridal party danced their way into “Let’s Get It Started” by the Black Eyed Peas before our Bride and Groom entered to “Sweet Lovin” by Sigala. The guests were in for a surprise when Madison and Carson, along with their very-prepared bridal party, broke into Michael Jackson’s classic “Thriller” dance.

The reception continued with more memorable moments, including Madison dancing to “My Little Girl” by Tim McGraw with her father, Brian. Carson shared a special dance to “A Mother’s Song” by T Carter with his mother, Kathy. Dinner took a hilarious turn when the guests began the “clinking glasses” tradition to get some smooching from our newlyweds, but they would have to pay the price. Carson had a great idea that guests would have to “sing if they wanted to cling”, so I made my way around the room so everyone had their chance to serenade the happy couple.

One distinction between this wedding and the thousand that preceded it was the secretive nature of the preparations, which was not unexpected.  In fact, it was expected. I gave an oath of secrecy to Madison and Carson, and I kept it.

Thank you to the Lake House Inn and Jeffrey Miller Catering for their hospitality and for keeping the event moving steadily. And of course thank you to my assistant team for the night, Steve and Jack.  Also, thank you to Steven Fisher of NBC Philadelphia for the chance to talk about this great experience after the secret was out.

As for Madison and Carson, thank you for choosing me as your Wedding DJ, it was a pleasure and an honor, and I wish all of the joyous and wonderful things life has to offer in your journey as husband and wife.

-DJ Brian

Shortly after the wedding, I received a warm thank you card from Madison and Carson.


Thank you for taking part in our big day. We appreciate you respecting our privacy and making the day even more fun! We are beyond grateful for the journey the Lord has us on. May we live everyday all for His glory! Thanks for everything! You were the best DJ ever!!

-The Wentz’s


Header image by Shining Light Photography

The Lake House Inn – Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Jeffrey Miller Catering


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