The Mighty Pedro… MC, DJ and Entertainer

Pedro began his journey at Cutting Edge Entertainment first as a Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah dancer, then as a DJ, and ultimately, as one of the most talented MC Entertainers to ever rock a party.  Hands down.

One of the greatest thrills of mentoring talent is seeing them develop.  As the owner of Cutting Edge Entertainment, I have seen some truly awesome talent come and go through our doors, and Pedro is certainly one of the tops.  In his early career here as an entertainer, Pedro had the opportunity to work alongside so many hugely talented peers.

Quite simply, I am lucky to have had the chance to work alongside him.

~Justin Guarini
Former American Idol Runner-up and Diet Dr. Pepper Enthusiast

Justin Guarini

In each case, he would continually absorb, assimilate, and then evolve.  While in college he furthered his foray into being an entertainer, doing an accredited co-op work study at Walt Disney World in Florida.  Upon his return, he demonstrated skills far beyond expectation, proving to be even better than before.

And as of this year, Pedro has returned to us once more.

As an entertainer, he is animated and electric.  Yet he is also meticulous, detail oriented. While, as the owner of the company, I could not be more excited to have such a diversely talented MC and DJ and all around entertainer return to the company, I believe our clients will be the ones who truly have the most to gain.  The level of polish, poise and professionalism he brings to a party is unparalleled (Holy alliterations Batman!).

With Pedro on the event, what could possibly go wrong?

~Eddie Bruce
Very Famous and Really Awesome Philadelphia Bandleader

Pedro is not “just” an MC/DJ, he’s one of the best.

Craig Sumsky
Cutting Edge Entertainment

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