Jordyn’s Bat Mitzvah at Chubb Hotel and Conference Center

I had the pleasure of being the MC for Jordyn’s crazy, club style Bat Mitzvah at the Chubb Hotel & Conference Center, in Lafayette Hill, located in Montgomery County Pennsylvania. Often, at Cutting Edge Entertainment, we explain that the DJ can make an event due to the fact that the entertainment sets the tone of the party and is one of the most memorable parts of any event. The dream of the DJ is to be allowed the freedom to fill a party with electricity. When I first sat down with Jordyn at our wrap-up meeting to discuss the music for her Bat Mitzvah, she looked at me and said, “play a lot of dance music, like at a club, and just let everyone dance all night long.” Done deal! Myself, along with Cutting Edge’s legendary DJ Pedro were super excited about rocking a dance floor all night long with kids who just wanted to dance, and couldn’t wait to get started that night.

After cocktail hour and the traditional Mitzvah candle lighting ceremony, the party exploded, the dance floor was packed. Jordyn and her friends (along with all of the adults, family members and friends) were out on the floor the entire night dancing to the hits from just about every genre. From ABC and AC/DC, to Bruno Mars and Steve Aoki, the only time anyone left the dance floor was to grab a drink of water and rush right back! The overhead lighting illuminated the ballroom creating the night club feel Jordyn wanted, and the up lighting completed the club vibe, as the walls changed color in sync with the music. And of course, Club Jordyn would not be complete without a list of great requests selected by Jordyn herself.

For this Bat Mitzvah, my dance training came in handy because I wasn’t sure I would have been able to keep up with these party animals otherwise! From sing-a-longs to dance-offs, the party never stopped, and Club Jordyn was the place to be that evening. But, of course, you had to be on the list…

Thank you to Jordyn, and her entire family, for putting Cutting Edge Entertainment on the VIP list, and allowing us the opportunity to rock your Bat Mitzvah. Additionally, thank you to my entire staff who helped fuel the party with energy on and off the dance floor. Shout out to the Chubb Center, formally known as the ACE Conference Center, and their staff for their hard work during the event. And a special thank you to Hy Paul Studio Photography for these outstanding photos! Keep dancing party people!

-MC Tony

Images courtesy of Hy Paul Studio

Chubb Hotel & Conference Center

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