Harrison's All-Star Bar Mitzvah

DJ Tony brings the fun and excitement to Harrison's Bar Mitzvah. Great family, great Bar Mitzvah boy (man), amazing party.

Harrison’s All-Star Bar Mitzvah

I recently had the pleasure of being the MC/DJ for Harrison’s Baseball themed Bar Mitzvah at the Boat House at Mercer Lake, located in West Windsor, New Jersey. From the moment Harrison walked into the Cutting Edge office, I could understand why his role model was Derek Jeter. Baseball aside, Harrison carries himself with the same class, and possesses the same infectious personality that has come to define the Yankee legend. Not many teenagers are as engaged and attentive in wrap-up meetings as Harrison, who selflessly seemed far more interested in making sure all his guests had fun than his own recognition.  An avid 90’s rock fan, Harrison and I discussed music, games, the set up of the event, and how important it was to him to recognize his family and their contributions to his mitzvah. Pretty cool kid huh?

We arrived at the Boathouse to set up, complete with baseball themed attire. Growing up in an Orioles household, I would never be caught in pinstripes. However, if there was one time to put sports rivalries aside, we were all happy to do so for Harrison’s party. As per a suggestion from his parents, I donned a traditional New York Yankees jersey to complete the theme for the day. All of the party guests were dressed in baseball jerseys representing where they had traveled from to be with Harrison on his special day. The mitzvah boy was the star of the show, and spent the entire afternoon spending time with every guest, whether it was on the dance floor, at a table, or during cocktail hour. He also made sure to take a picture with every single guest that walked through the door. Harrison had the event under such control, I almost handed him the microphone to let him do my job too…almost!

Later in the afternoon, Harrison’s parents had me read a letter to surprise him. Needless to say, there could not have been a more fitting acknowledgement than the one Harrison heard as I read what I was handed…Harrison’s family had sent a letter to the Turn 2 Foundation, to highlight his mitzvah deed and special day. Harrison received a letter from Derek Jeter himself, congratulating him on his Bar Mitzvah, and wishing him luck, both personally and with baseball.


After an afternoon of dancing, games & more fun, everyone headed home, with Dad stopping to say “I am ready for a nap!” After watching him rock out with us all day, sing Bohemian Rhapsody on the microphone, and lead the boys in a dance off against the girls, I am convinced that Harrison may be the next Cutting Edge Entertainment Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah MC! It was such a pleasure to do Harrison’s Bar Mitzvah (even in a Yankees jersey) and I want to thank everyone involved, including my dancers and DJs from Cutting Edge Entertainment. A special shout out to Peter from Fotolux New Jersey for the great photos, as well as. Mazel Tov and thank you to the Harrison’s awesome family for having Cutting Edge as part of your special day!

-DJ Tony

Images courtesy of Fotolux

The Boathouse at Mercer Lake

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