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Cutting Edge Entertainment had the honor and privilege of being the DJ at the NCAA Final Four Championship game viewing party hosted at the Villanova Pavilion at Villanova University on Monday night, April 4, 2016.  DJ Brian and DJ Chris took turns spinning the tunes, while DJ Chris took to the microphone getting the crowd of well over 5,000 fans pumped up from the moment the entered the Pavilion.

The first half of the game was neck and neck, but that didn’t dissuade the throngs of Nova fans from cheering on the home team, while the DJ Duo of Brian and Chris kept tunes spinning at halftime.

Nova Crowd

The second half was much like the first, a tight game, until Villanova took a ten-point lead with about five minutes remaining. The Villanova lead wouldn’t last as North Carolina raced to close the gap, which led to one of the greatest sequences in college basketball history. If sports are about “moments” then this game created two that will be remembered forever. As the clock ticked to its final seconds, UNC’s Marcus Paige hit a one-footed off-balance double-clutch shot that would mean the likely end of Nova’s title run….until…

Many of you reading this have probably seen the replay, or even experienced it on live television; but, it can be replayed and looped until basketball is an after-thought. A desperation streak up the court by Villanova Senior Guard Ryan Arcidiacono cleared enough space for Kris Jenkins to hit the shot that will live forever. A clean look, a smooth release and the sweetest sound in basketball created a thunderous roar that was heard throughout the Delaware Valley.  Although our DJ Duo had a difficult time hearing one another throughout the game, at this point the audience cheers were near deafening.

In 1985, an underdog school from the suburbs of Philadelphia played a near-perfect game to defeat one of college basketballs elite programs at the peak of their success. That team shocked the sports world and put themselves on the map. The 2016 version of this team has been riding the thoughtful coaching of Jay Wright to consistent victories and yearly trips to the NCAA tournament for over a decade. Last night was the final brick on a basketball program built for success, and it only needed one thing to prove it belonged with the “traditional powers”.

A championship…mission accomplished.

Nova Champions

DJ Brian dropped Queen’s “We Are The Champions” as the crowd filed out of the Villanova Pavilion to begin celebrating.  We’d like to say we “rocked the house”, but the real rockers of the night were the Nova Nation.  On behalf of Cutting Edge Entertainment, we would like to say congratulations to Villanova on your epic win, and thank you for choosing us to be a part of this historic occasion.

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