Cutting Edge Amps Up With Toner Sound Acquisition


It is with great pleasure we announce that as of November 1, 2015, Cutting Edge Entertainment has acquired the Toner Sound Entertainment Group.

In 1990 – at the age of 15 – Brian Toner began Toner Sound working out of his mom’s garage, much like I did with Cutting Edge Entertainment two years later.  Brian and I became acquainted a few years later, and the relationship has been mutually equitable and beneficial ever since.  In and around the year 2000, Brian launched the sister company to Toner Sound, Eventions Productions, which – over the last fifteen years – would grow into one of the largest and most successful lighting, audio and production companies in the Philadelphia region.  In 2015, when Brian made the decision to focus 100% on the production and lighting side of things and to sell off his DJ Company, I was excited for the opportunity to merge such a fantastic company with my own.

We will be retaining most of the core players – Disc Jockeys and talent – that made up the Toner Sound team for the last decade. With the acquisition, we will also be adding some additional services to our roster that Toner Sound historically offered including Karaoke, Drive In Movies and some other specialty events geared for the college market.  Moving forward, we intend to provide our new Toner Sound clients and customers with many of the same faces they have come to know and love, along with some fresh new ones.  With so many DJs, it’ll be hard to skip a beat!

Again, both Brian and I, along with the staff of Cutting Edge Entertainment and the new additions to our team from Toner Sound are all very excited at what the future will hold.

Craig Sumsky
Cutting Edge Entertainment

Cutting Edge Entertainment

Toner Sound Entertainment Group

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