The Cairnwood Wedding of Christine and Jon

bride and groom

October is always a busy month for Cutting Edge Entertainment, and this past October was no exception. Cairnwood is by far one of my favorite venues; I like the staff, the venue, and the fact that it’s located only a few short minutes drive from our office. However, the thing I like most about Cairnwood is that each and every wedding or party I do there is uniquely different. In other words, it never gets boring at Cairnwood. There are so many different caterers, decorators, planners, florists and other event professionals that all bring their own individual style, enhancing the event and adding something new and different to each event I do there.

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Christine and Jon were a really fun couple to work with, and we had a blast at our wrap up meeting a couple weeks prior to the wedding. The meeting we had lasted about two hours and I believe it was good for Christine and Jon to get to know me better and gain confidence in my ability to rock out their wedding. For me, getting to know them was more like making new friends than working with a client, and as it turned out we had so much in common.

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Their wedding was one of the highlights of my month, and by the pictures featured here you can tell this was one great crowd. Of course when I DJ a wedding I consider it a team effort, and the wedding can not be successful unless all of the wedding professionals work in sync. The photographer for the wedding Kevin from Kevin York Photography did an awesome job capturing the images of the event. Kevin is a superstar photographer that does great work. Finally, a successful wedding can’t be complete without the bride and groom, and Christine and Jon were perfect.

-DJ Richie

Images courtesy of Kevin York Photography


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