The Bar Mitzvah Dancer from Boston

Bar Mitzvah Dancer

I am blessed to say that I have had been working for Siagel Productions in Newton, Massachusetts as a dance motivator for Bar Mitzvahs and corporate events for over six years before moving to Philadelphia. Steve Siagel, the owner, hired me at age 16, the youngest dancer to be hired at the time. I am responsible for dancing and energizing parties like Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, corporate events while providing guests of all ages with a memorable experience that is exciting, meaningful, and fun. This is a very rewarding experience for me.

While attending college in Philadelphia, I wanted the opportunity to continue being a dancer/party motivator and doing what I love, and Cutting Edge Entertainment (CEE) gave me that opportunity. I discovered this company through searching online and the CEE website nearly jumped out at me. I could feel the positive fun and enthusiasm from the photos. The staff members seemed to have the same passion and love for entertainment as I do.

The auditions for the Cutting Edge Entertainment dancers reinforced my admiration for the company. Each staff member brought spunk, enthusiasm, pizzazz, and it felt like home to me. Cutting Edge Entertainment took me in with open arms. I was nervous at first with what to expect from a different entertainment company, however, my nerves quickly dissipated as the staff members made me feel so comfortable and a part of their family.

I was lucky to be taken under the wings of the veterans of CEE and even had the opportunity to see everyone work their magic. Shoshana Katz – M.C. and dancer as well as an inspiration – is considered the mother of the pack. This multi- talented veteran truly excels in her element and is a natural performer. It was a treat to watch her M.C. Bar Mitzvahs as well as work with her as a dancer.

Tony Azzaro, another MC and dancer, is another major asset to the CEE family. He was the one who first introduced me to the team. He offers style, creativity, versatility, and also has many other gifts. He knows how to connect with others, continues to pursue his passion for dance, and demonstrates great commitment. It was a pleasure to work with him as well.

Ashley is another veteran of CEE and an amazing dancer. When the opportunity permits, she shines on the microphone when leading the party. She motivates me to work on my own skills of speaking in public. For a tiny little dancer, she knows how to work big crowds and captivate audiences..

Those are just some of the veterans of the CEE. In addition, the young ones of the Cutting Edge Entertainment offer a fresh spin to the company. Since they are younger, these cast members relate well with the teens of the party and present a personable approach. I enjoyed working with the young members of the CEE team because they taught me techniques and skills just as much as I taught them. Also, our dance practices allowed all of the members of the dance team to develop “follow-along“ dances, positive behavior at parties, and basic techniques on how to connect and motivate the guests. Most importantly, it made us closer as a group, which is imperative when working these kinds of parties.

Craig Sumsky, the owner and director, is the foundation of Cutting Edge Entertainment. It has been a privilege to work with him. He’s got a fun and positive attitude, and really gives his staff a chance to grow as entertainers and giving each individual a chance to shine. This is what keeps his staff members there for such a long time, which is impressive in itself. That is why it is so cutting edge!

I am sad to say that I will now be leaving this company to return back to my home in Boston. However, I will cherish the memories of working at Cutting Edge Entertainment and for all it has taught me. It has enhanced my professionalism, reinforced my passion, and has introduced me to great people, and has given me the opportunity to thrive. I am thankful for being a member of the Cutting Edge Entertainment team.

-Tedra Halzel


For the short time she was with us, Tedra was a valuable asset to our team. From the first event she worked with us she blew us all away with how personable, affable, and downright talented she is. Although her words above are generous and much appreciated, from our perspective, she was equally amazing to work along side. She is a team player, and a darned hard worker always going above and beyond.

Case in point, I asked her to write a few paragraphs about her experience with us, and this it what I got. Tremendous.

I had the pleasure of meeting Steve Siagel several times at industry events, and it comes as no surprise that a performer of Tedra’s caliber would come from his organization. If Tedra is any reflection of how talented his staff is, they are likely more impressive than I could imagine.

On behalf of myself and the staff of Cutting Edge, we wish you all the best Tedra. Thanks for being a part of our family, and keep on dancing!! We were very lucky to have you.


Saigal Productions – Boston, Massachusetts

Cutting Edge Entertainment – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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  1. Ashley Krassenstein

    Wow Ted you really are amazing! We all love you so much here at CEE, and hope to see you soon. You really changed our lives with your beautiful presence. You were such a joy to work with and have made me a better person just knowing you<3 So much love is sent your way and that will always continue.

    Love ya

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