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Rebecca’s Bat Mitzvah

I recently had the great honor to preside as MC and DJ at Rebecca’s Bat Mitzvah. Rebecca had been a camper and dance student of mine to at a local summer camp in Bucks County. Reuniting with old friends and families is always fun for an entertainer. The familiarity always adds to the intimacy of the party, as well as the excitement. Rebeccas’s family is a fun-loving group, so I knew we were in for a good time.

When I arrived at the Deuces Wild Night Club in Valley Forge that afternoon, there was no doubt about what theme had been chosen for the party. Shelley, the party planner, had turned a Country Western nightclub into a cruise ship!! The mechanical bull was gone, as were the ropes and saddles. Flat screen TV’s, hula leis, portholes, waves and sand, had replaced all of the Western décor in the venue. At the entrance, there was a huge beach chair to be signed by all of the guests, and around the entire venue were food stations, each representing various cruise destinations. The air was filled with the scent of pasta from Italy, empanadas from Spain, spring rolls from Japan, and more.

Mitzvah 01

Mitzvah 02

Mitzvah 03

Mitzvah 04

From the moment the guests arrived the club, Rebecca and her friends jumped on the dance floor and danced non-stop for the entire evening. At one point, we had to stop the music  just so the kids would eat before all the food was taken away! It did not matter what song was on, each and every kid danced the night away.  From Lady Gaga, to James Brown, to Michael Jackson, and even “What the Fox Say,” this crowd partied until it was time to go. The energy was crazy. The club lighting, along with the music, really added electricity to the dance floor. We even did a “sing-a-long” set featuring “Shout,” “Walking On Sunshine,” and “Call Me Maybe.” The party flew by, and when I heard N’sync’s “Bye Bye Bye” begin over the speakers, I knew that no one in Duces Wild wanted to go home that night…and neither did I!

Thank you to Alex Trivane Video Production for this fantastic video from the party, and to Michael Duretz for the great images. And a very big thank you to Shelley from Be Your Guest Party Planning for your incredible work organizing the event. And of course, a huge thank you to my staff, who always make me look good: DJs Ben and Matt P. and dancers Ashley and Matt G, you rocked.

And the best for last, thank you to Becca and her family for thinking of Cutting Edge and myself for your special event!  It was great to be a part of your special day, and wish you all the best in the future.  Don’t be strangers, we hope to see you again soon!!!

-Tony A.

Images courtesy of Michael Duretz Photography


Video courtesy of Alex Trivane Video Productions


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