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Chad and Keith’s Bucks County Wedding

When Chad first contacted us regarding our Wedding DJ services, he seemed to already have a clear vision of what his wedding reception would be like, including a two hour after-party, all to be held at The Inn at Barley Sheaf in picturesque Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Chad had done his research, and found us through reviews, wedding websites, and of course our blog. I recommended that he meet with one of our Wedding DJs prior to booking in order to get a better idea of what we were all about. After a meeting with our DJ Richie, Chad was ready to sign on the dotted line, on one condition… That he could also secure me to do the wedding alongside Richie.

When the big day came, I was very excited, not only to be a part of the amazing reception that Chad and Keith had planned, but also to work with Richie on such a unique reception. The Inn at Barley Sheaf is a fantastic destination for any wedding reception, but in this instance especially – with the reception under an EventQuip tent and the after-party held in a very chill loft on the same property.

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As a DJ myself, I love working with another seasoned DJ and watching how they work, and Richie – as always – was cool as a cucumber. At one point Chad even pulled me aside, saying “You know, Richie really is the best… and he knows it!” I had to agree, Richie was on fire and the guests danced from start to finish. It was really great to see the smiles on everyone’s faces as they had a great time, particularly Chad and Keith.

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While Richie and percussionist Ben rocked the tented reception, Dan and I put the finishing touches on the sound and light in the loft for the after-party. Every so often I’d check back in at the tent, only to find more of the same… everyone dancing.

When the tent reception concluded, the guests made their way to the loft for the post-party shindig, which rocked just as hard. It was great to see the energy amongst Chad and Keith’s friends and family as the celebration continued into the wee hours.

Afterparty dancing 02

Yet, as amazing a Wedding DJ as Richie is, and as great of a production we put together, we couldn’t have made it as much of a success without the input of Chad and Keith. In the weeks prior to the big day, Chad, Rich and I spoke at great length. Chad was really open-minded when it came to music selection, giving Richie a simple directive – “make it a great party” – which is what we do best. Rich spun amazing tunes, and their awesome crowd responded by not sitting down… all night long.

Big thanks to the folks at Barley Sheaf, EventQuip, and Perfect Day Photography – a great team, but most importantly to Chad and Keith for being such awesome clients to work with.

We would like to wish Chad and Keith lots of love, and the best of everything life has to offer in their future together.


Images courtesy of Perfect Day Photography


Tenting by EventQuip


The Inn at Barley Sheaf


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