Rock You Like a Hurricane: Brian and Danielle

Wedding DJ Bucks County

People love a challenge at their place of work, and during the first week of November in 2012, Mother Nature threw one my way as a Wedding DJ at Cutting Edge Entertainment. It was my privilege and pleasure to DJ Brian and Danielle’s wedding, amidst Hurricane Sandy, at the Lambertville Inn in Lambertville, New Jersey – just over the bridge from Bucks County, PA. The evening started with talks about generators, flickering lights (Haunted Mansion style), and various “what-if” game plans drawn up before the reception began.

Danielle and Brian were so cool and relaxed during the whole evening, so much so that there really couldn’t been a nicer couple to work with on a night like this one. The ceremony was beautiful, and the bride and groom picked some fantastic rock music for the procession that only made the scene more tranquil as the sun set outside the bay windows of the ballroom.

After a romantically lit cocktail hour in the lobby, all the guests returned to the ballroom for the “Queen-themed” bridal party introductions. Each couple danced into the room to a specific Queen song, hand picked by Brian and Danielle to fit each duo. They then entered the room last to thunderous applause, and proceeded to share their first dance, after which I was proud to play the host in the recreation of Uma Thurman and John Travolta’s dance scene from “Pulp Fiction,” complete with Chuck Berry’s “You Never Can Tell.” Danielle kicked off her shoes, and Brian twisted away to the roar of the crowd.

Wedding DJ Bucks County

Everyone danced the night away between the multi-course meal provided by the Lambertville Inn, while sharing drinks and laughs, quite the contrast to the chaos outside. It was a nice break from the craziness that surrounded the week of Hurricane Sandy. The night was filled with memories, including memorable toasts, and the newly weds’ young son giving the crowd his best Michael Jackson impersonation to “Beat It.” Brian and Danielle also had one of the most unique ideas I have seen at a wedding. Instead of a guest book, every guest filled out a Mad Libs sheet about the bride and groom. The Mad Libs provided many laughs, along with many stories to follow.

Wedding DJ Bucks County

Wedding DJ Bucks County

Despite the chaos of Hurricane Sandy, Brian and Danielle’s wedding was an incredible time. Thank you to my assistant Jared for being able to work so well while we were flying by the seat of our pants. Thank you to Nicole Leigh for these fantastic and artistic images. Thank you to Mel and the entire staff at Lambertville Inn, who did a great job handling all the changing aspects to the wedding as the night went along. Most of all, thank you to Danielle and Brian for being so awesome. Despite what Mother Nature threw at us, the night rocked indeed.

As for Danielle and Brian, I wish you both the best in life and marriage, although I’m sure you’ll be fine as your love is stronger than a hurricane. 🙂


Images courtesy of Nicole Leigh Photography

The Inn at Lambertville Station

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