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Evan’s Bucks County Bar Mitzvah

I must be one lucky guy to get to work with some amazing families like I did on Saturday, February 25th, I had the honor of being the MC/DJ at Evan’s Bar Mitzvah at Jericho National Golf Club in Bucks County. What an awesome family! Once again, from the start I knew we were going to have a great party because Anne and David (Evan’s mom and dad) wanted to do away with candle lighting to leave more time to party and dance. During cocktail hour, our staff got the chance to hang out with the kids and start the night off right.

Once cocktail hour ended, it was time for the party to begin. When Evan came into the room things really started to heat up. We had the entire family on the dance floor for a Hora, which was so packed that other guests who couldn’t find room in the packed floor were standing on the outskirts clapping and cheering.

The party was non-stop and the energy was amazing all evening long. My dancers, Ashley, Brittany, Sean and Long all had an amazing time with the family, while Long showed off his astounding break dancing moves to some of the kids (who gave it their all to try to imitate them). There were games, dancing, and crazy Bar Mitzvah fun from start to finish.

I was sad to see the celebration end, but the just as the kids were leaving they got a bonus surprise when they were presented with the sweetest (literally) candy table I’ve seen at a Bar Mitzvah in a long time, filled with all sorts of goodies!

The staff at Jericho National Golf Club were an absolute pleasure to work with, and were really on top of their game. I work with Hy Paul Photography quite often and as always they were on top of the action all night long. Thank you to my DJ and dancers who did an amazing job! And last but certainly not least, mazel tov to Evan, Anne, David and Will! You are a great family and I look forward to Will’s Bar Mitzvah in a couple of years!


Images courtesy of Hy Paul Studio


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