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Jennifer and Ryan’s Cairnwood Wedding

Being a member of any industry for over a decade – in my case, seventeen years to be more specific – can give you a unique perspective on how to perform on any given night. Many people think that monotony can set in and that “job” can become simply that, a job. However, when you spend your weekends “working” to entertain and provide a service that creates lasting memories it never really becomes “work”…even when the locations are often repeated.

On October 22, 2011 I had the honor of performing as the DJ at Cairnwood Mansion for the wedding of Jennifer Malloy to Ryan Brennan. Cairnwood is one of the venues that I find myself at on a regular basis, but its one that NEVER gets old. It’s like the “Transformer” of wedding venues, in that it can be designed and redesigned based on the individual vision of the bride and groom. This night was no different; the back patio was covered with a full-length tent that insulated the guests from the elements –it was unseasonably cold, even for October- but created a custom entrance between the tent and the castle.


The reception began with a bang as the entire bridal party entered the hall to the official hit of 2011, “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO. This led to the introduction of Jennifer and Ryan to “I Wanna Go” by Britney Spears. This short, yet super-hype, introduction only laid the foundation for what became a dancing machine. Before the fun continued the bride and groom shared their first dance to a custom edit of “All I Ask Of You” from the Phantom of the Opera.


As the night progressed we bounced between classic dance tracks and a few of today’s current jams. It really didn’t matter what flow we decided on, Jennifer and Ryan had friends who knew how to party. This is where Cairnwood truly shines; the dance area always looks filled. Some may describe the room as intimate, but it looks fantastic when it’s filled with “body groovin’”.

Thank you to the staff of Feastivities, and to Cairnwood Mansion for their hospitality and courteous service.

Thank you to the John and Doris Costello for the amazing images.

Congratulations Jennifer and Ryan on your perfect day. Best of luck to both of you on your journey together.

To Ryan…persistence really does pay off!


Images courtesy of Costello Photography




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