Laura and Curt’s Buck Hotel Wedding


On August 27th I rocked out another memorable wedding. Laura and Curt were a couple I enjoyed working with, because they were fun, high energy people. I felt I was a perfect match to be their wedding DJ. This wedding is one I will not forget because Hurricane Irene was wreaking havoc all day and night outside. I have done events in the past during some horrendous weather, but this was my first hurricane.

The wedding was held at the Buck Hotel in Bucks County, PA. Although the weather outside looked brutal, the bride and groom looked amazing. As you can see by the photos, the bride, groom and their guests had no problem finding the dance floor. I had the opportunity to play a lot of music from different eras, genres, and artists. However, the big hit of the night was Bon Jovi’s “Living On a Prayer”. The bride, surrounded by her bridesmaids, swarmed the dance floor with their hands in the air. One of the first things I learned about Laura when we met was that she loves Bon Jovi. Not only does she own all of their albums, been to many of their concerts, but she also knows all the lyrics to most of their songs.




The staff at the Buck Hotel did a great job. I have worked many events at this venue, and I am continually impressed by their courteous and outgoing staff. Also, thank you Artistic Imagery for the outstanding photographs. As always, they were a pleasure to work alongside.

Congratulations to Laura and Curt! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of an event I will never forget.


Images courtesy of Artistic Imagery

The Buck Hotel

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