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One week ago today (Monday, July 25, 2011) our blog, and website re-vamped in March of 2010, reached 500,000 visits.  This is an achievement that gives me great pride which I felt worthy of mention, but admittedly, I cannot take credit for it’s tremendous success.  There are many contributors – photographers, guest writers, illustrators and industry colleagues (as well as close friends and colleagues)  – who have been friends to our DJ blog and website. Some of you have contributed, some have edited and corrected, some have participated, and some have been helping to spread our articles and blog posts thorough every social media hub available. To all of you – a list that would be far too long to compile – I give my sincerest thanks.

In the week following July 25 of 2011, we have gained yet another 5,000+ views, a remarkable feat in itself for a DJ company limited in every possible way a company could be in gaining traffic.  For the most part, we are a regional DJ company, confined to Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, we are stifled by copyright laws regarding music on our site (a huge obstacle for a DJ company… music, DJ, get it?) as well as copyright laws regarding photos and images.  Yet, we still prevail.

In the two and a half years since the initial launch of the blog (when we really had no idea how to use it), and the year since it’s infusion with our website, our DJ business increased exponentially, meaning, we have more booked dates than at any time in our twenty year history.  I credit this with ‘sharing the wealth’.  Our blog is not just about us and what we do (which would get boring very quickly), but about other event industry professionals and their work, their companies, and their ideas.  It is about music, and about parties, and, or course, about the Disc Jockey.

So, back to my staff, I commend them on their dedication to our blog.  Like everything else the staff of Cutting Edge Entertainment does, we put our all into it 110%, and the same can be said for this blog.  At the end of 2007, our Philadelphia DJ company was smacked down by the same omnipresent recession that many other companies and industries were crippled or destroyed by, yet we weathered the storm.  While print advertising became almost obsolete, the internet – and hence our blog – gave us a new platform to reach customers, show our work, share our principles while providing better customer service – via available information – then we ever dreamed possible.  Our blog became a living, breathing and evolving resource to help customers not only to find us, but to learn what we are all about.

The bonus, or unforeseen advantage that our blog gave us, which we could never have anticipated, was not limited to the information we were  able to share, but included information and knowledge we were able to gain.  By being ‘online’, our DJ staff were able to learn and grow as individuals.  We took in as much or more as we put out, learning new trends, new (and old) music, new ways of doing things and, most significantly, how to be a better DJ – while improving our service to our customer.

Read our DJ blog and decide for yourself.  It’s fairly simple to navigate, as you can simply click on ‘Blog’ on the navigation bar above, or reference the ‘CATEGORIES’ section along the right column to help find information more specific to exactly what it is you are looking for.

As for those companies still struggling simply to be found…  Start a blog.  Remember the voice in Kevin Costner’s head in the film ‘Field of Dreams’; “If you build it, they will come.” And for our little Philadelphia DJ company blog, with over three hundred individual blog posts and half a million hits to date, I think of the credo of a little space toy named Buzz Lightyear… “To infinity and Beyond!!”

Craig Sumsky
Director and DJ
Cutting Edge Entertainment

Illustration by Sean Gallo

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  1. Thanks Mark,

    You’re one of the Philadelphia industry leaders who I know “gets it”, and – might I add – congratulations to you on your newly launched website/blog… it looks amazing.

    I should also add that by actively publishing on a blog, potential clients are given invaluable information which help them in their decision-making process. We have found that our clients (brides, grooms, mitzvah parents and parents planning sweet 16 parties) are better acquainted with us before they even pick up the phone to call. If you’ve got it, show it!


  2. And you Mr. Williams are a master craftsman of wedding films.

    I hope folks take the time to click on your name and check out your work (another plus of actively participation in leaving comments on blogs might I add).

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