Asia’s Bucks County Super Sweet 16

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It was a cool March evening as I arrived at the Northampton Valley Country Club in Bucks County for Asia’s Sweet 16, and it felt as if I was entering an exclusive nightclub – which makes sense as it was a club themed Sweet 16. Velvet ropes and carpet led the way into the room, but only if you were on the VIP list; if you weren’t on the list, I can promise that you missed out on a night that will not be forgotten.

I could feel the dance floor shaking beneath my feet. Maybe it was the vibrations from the sub-woofer, or all the people on the dance floor that night, but I could feel the floor moving under me. An elaborate lighting system draped the room in blues, reds and greens while on lookers reclined on couches and stools that glowed in synch with the lights. Cameras flashed as everyone entered from behind the velvet ropes. “Whoa,” I thought to myself, “this is the craziest Sweet Sixteen I have ever seen.”….I know what you’re thinking, ‘Tony, the music and lights must have gotten to your head finally. You’ve finally snapped. You’re at a club right?’ Wrong. I was a dancer at Asia’s Sweet Sixteen.  Think of MTV’s Super Sweet Sixteen, with the guest of honor not only being a gracious young lady, but also being the coolest person ever.

~Tony A. – Dancer


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As Asia explained to me the idea of her club theme, she warned me that all her and her friends wanted to do was rock out. With help from my dancers Tony and Ashley, the floor was packed from start to finish. A DJ cannot ask for much more than a group who will dance all night long to every song that that was played.  Their enthusiasm and energy was contagious.

I have to give big props to the event planner, Renee, from All About Events. I have never had every aspect of the event go so smoothly. Renee was the glue that held all of us together. She allowed for my job to go flawlessly, and allowed for the host, hostess and our guest of honor to just party, without worrying about a thing. Renee, my cap goes of to you for coordinating an extraordinary party. You rock!  Also, it was great to work with photographer Erin Duffy, Eventions Productions provided the awesome lighting as well as Laura Eaton and her super-cool  Soiree Photo Lounge.  Working with such an amazing team truly made this a Super Sweet Sixteen.




A few days ago we received this thank you letter in the mail, and I can’t even begin to tell you how much this sort of testimonial means to me…

We had no previous interaction with Cutting Edge Entertainment. We had never attended a party where they provided the music, didn’t know anyone else that had used their services so we were going into Asia’s Sweet Sixteen party blind. Well, on Friday March 25, 2011 DJ Foltzy, Tony and Ashley opened our eyes to something WONDERFUL!

DJ Foltzy, Tony and Ashley were professional, friendly, made the family and friends feel comfortable, and kept everyone engaged. The team did an excellent job keeping people on the dance floor by playing the latest hits and interacting with guests to keep the smiles and laughter going. Because of the energy of DJ Foltzy, Tony and Ashley, the teens and the adults had a blast and Asia’s party will be a fond memory for all. The guests both teens and adults are still talking about how great this team was.
We cannot thank you enough for making this special occasion a night to remember.

Asia, Kim and Rob

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On behalf of my staff, I want to thank you, Asia, and your family, for allowing us to be a part of your Super Sweet Sixteen. We appreciate all you did for us, and cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful crowd. It was a pleasure being your DJ and I am thrilled every one who attended the Sweet 16 had the night of their lives.

– DJ Foltzy

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Soiree Photo Lounge

All About Events

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