Radnor High School Senior Prom: Class of 2011

Philadelphia Prom Image

The Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia was the perfect setting for the Radnor High School Senior Prom. The DJ booth was raised up about eight feet above the dance floor upon the platform of a gigantic replica of the Statue of Liberty, it was VERY cool. Five crew members accompanied me to set up a killer scene for Radnor High’s Class of 2011 Prom, and we pulled out all the stops. Sub woofers filled the room with booming bass, with a an overhead light show of intelligent and L.E.D. lighting lit the venue and two plasma TVs broadcast a live feed of everyone dancing… it was definitely a party full of energy! The senior class was really into the whole scene, and their enthusiasm was contagious.

The senior guys performed a choreographed dance for all of the girls and lit the place up. Brian was on multi-media, and not only provided a live video feed, but also snapped pictures throughout the night and put together slide shows that were shown throughout the night. Thanks to Zack, my lighting tech, we were able to accent the lighting with black lights and strobes. It was great to have a true club feel being that I was in an elevated DJ booth and could see the entire crowd of students rocking out the whole night. It reminded me of how fun it is to be a DJ, and brought out my creative side when choosing which songs to mix together. I’d like to thank the entire staff at the Please Touch Museum for accommodating myself and my crew, and the chaperons that planned a seamless evening that every student in attendance will surely remember.

To the Radnor High Class of 2011, I hope you had The Time of Your Life!

DJ Jason


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