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Dara’s Bat Mitzvah

Ever been at an event where it feels as if an energy is flowing from right under the floor, up through your feet and filling the entire room? Well on February 26th of 2011, during Dara’s Bat Mitzvah at the Westin in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, you could have harnessed some of that intensity and powered all of Philadelphia with it. From the moment of Dara’s entrance – which was accompanied by multiple aerials and back flips by our dancer Ron (whom Dara claims she could do better than) – the electricity throughout the party was palpable, and would get even the most steadfast wallflower’s heart pumping, with feet moving uncontrollably towards the dance floor.

Bat Mitzvah Philadelphia Hora

Philadelphia Mitzvah DJ

This atmosphere was not only a credit to my awesome staff of DJs Steve and Joe, and Dancers Ron, Ashley and Brittany, but to the Giglio family and their friends. The dance floor was packed from the first song as we danced our way through the afternoon with Michael Jackson, KC & the Sunshine Band, Rick James, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Usher…and, of course, plenty of Justin Bieber – Dara’s future husband. During Music Trivia, all the kids stood up and sang every word to Justin Bieber’s “Baby”, complete with Dara’s trademark choreography. I even had my JB shoes on in just for the occasion! I’m still not sure who partied harder, the kids or the adults. I might have to review the tape to end the dispute. Dara breezed through her candle lighting ceremony cool as a cucumber, and the crowd was treated to a surprise montage created by her parents and older sister. There were plenty of games and prizes for the kids, and more dancing by everyone than Gene Kelly himself would have known what to do with.

We received this email at the office the week after the show:

The Giglio family just wanted to let you know that you did it again. Thanks to Cutting Edge our 2nd Bat Mitzvah was also a great success. Tony and his team were amazing. They took great care of us down to the last detail. The dance floor was full the entire time and the dancers kept the excitement going. Our family had a great time and our guests are still calling to tell us what a great time they had and how tired they were after dancing so much!! When it comes to entertainment Cutting Edge is the only call we have to make.

Thank You,
Susan, Jim, Jamie & Dara

I would like to thank Dave, Melanie, Tuwana and their staff at the Westin in Mt. Laurel who were phenomenal throughout the afternoon. A huge Mazel Tov to Dara and her family, Ya’ll are cooler than a polar bear’s toenails :). Thank you for having my staff and me as part of your special day!

-Tony A.

Images courtesy of Benjamin Kramer Photography


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