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DJ and Dancers at Abby’s Bat Mitzvah

It was a Sunday in November of 2010, at a synagogue in Philadelphia where we (the staff of Cutting Edge Entertainment) rocked out at Abby’s Bat Mitzvah. The party was awesome, and – as always – we had the dance floor packed with kids and adults the entire night.

I met with Abby (and her father) prior to the party to go over the details, games, and of course Abby’s music selection, and she could hardly hide her excitement… which was contagious. She couldn’t hold back a huge smile the entire meeting.

Things got off to a great start, and once we were set up the family arrived and our staff met mom and Abby’s sister Rachel, and shortly after that the guests began to arrive. During cocktail hour, the dancers and I hung out with the kids. This is a great time for our staff to get to know everyone, and build a rapport with all of Abby’s friends who were equally enthusiastic and ready to dance.

Bat Mitzvah Dancer Philadelphia Image

After the cocktail hour concluded, we began the candle lighting ceremony, an old Bat Mitzvah tradition, and then had the guests up dancing to Hava Nagila, where guests lifted Abby and her family up in chairs to celebrate the joyous occasion. Throughout the evening, Abby’s friends were kept entertained with lots of fun dancing and interactive games like Coke & Pepsi, Singled Out, and Levitation (which is really cool to watch). My dancers for the Bat Mitzvah were Nate, Brittany and Ashley, who did an amazing job keeping the kids engaged and involved in the party, as you can tell from the photos. Justin was our DJ, playing hit after hit, and doing an awesome job keeping the energy levels on maximum… these kids just didn’t stop.

Bat Mitzvah Party Philadelphia Image

Bat Mitzvah Dancing Philadelphia Image

I want to express a big thank-you (and Mazel Tov) to Mom, Dad, Rachel, and of course, the guest of honor Abby. It was a pleasure working with you to create such an exciting Simcha.


Photos courtesy of Mitchell Birnbaum Photography


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