Philadelphia Wedding DJ… and Lighting

Philadelphia Wedding DJ

At Cutting Edge Entertainment, our goal is to provide great disc jockeys. Since 1992, we have offered DJ services for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, sweet sixteens, school dances, and just about any other type of party you can think of. In that time, we found that often times, clients were also interested in booking other services – extracurricular to the DJ – like lighting, staging, draping, and even live percussionists to enhance their event or reception. So, we began to offer these services, and admittedly, they enabled us to increase our profit margin… they were upgrades.

But if you were to ask any of our clients – some of whom may even be reading this right now – you will find that in every instance, we have been clear, concise, and blatantly honest with them whenever we have been posed the question “Do I need the lighting?”. The answer in a resounding ‘no’.

Yes that’s right, as a matter of policy, we do not tell clients they ‘need‘ lighting, because they don’t.  Particularly for a wedding. Is lighting cool? Absolutely! Does lighting enhance the ambiance in the room where you are having your reception? Yes, it certainly can help to set a mood, and can add to the decor. Yet none of this changes the fact that if you have a really good DJ, who knows what he or she is doing, they do not need lights to keep your guests up and dancing all night long.

A few weeks ago, a client emailed us to inquire about a DJ. Their email read like this…

We are looking for a DJ for our wedding. We would like prices for a DJ for a five hour reception. We are not interested in any lighting. Please send us pricing for just a DJ, we just had a bad experience meeting with another DJ company who seemed more interested in selling us lighting packages than what we were looking for. We just want a good DJ that can keep people on the dance floor.

Needless to say, we booked them. They were a very nice couple, and knew specifically what they wanted, and what they didn’t want. Once presented with the service they were looking for, they were ready to sign on the dotted line.

Simple enough.

Lighting, as well as many other upgrades are a want, not a need.  We don’t presume to know a clients wants or needs beyond that of a DJ, and although we can present them with options, there are all kinds of factors that drive the decision making process of a consumer (myself included).  Maybe lighting isn’t in the budget, or maybe, lighting just isn’t your cup of tea.  If you are interested in lighting, we are more than happy to help you understand the many types and varied applications, show you photographs, or even to demo them in action, so that you might come to an educated decision about whether or not lighting is right for you. What we won’t do is try to pressure you into an up-sell. If you ask us if we think you need them, 99% of the time we will respond with the same answer… “Only if you want them”.

The title of this post is Philadelphia Wedding DJ… and Lighting, because we are a DJ company first and foremost.  We offer a DJ that is experienced, and knowledgeable about both music and how to run an event, working in concert with your other event professionals like your planner, your photographer and your caterer.  In the end, we aren’t trying to sell you things you don’t need, and certainly not trying to sell you things you don’t want.  On the contrary, we are a DJ company first and foremost.


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