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Jordyn’s Record Hop: Meet Jordyn

It was many years ago, in college, that I first befriended Jason Friedman. Two decades have come and gone since then, and we’re still good friends.   Jason married Wendy (his high school sweetheart), and had two great kids, Zach and Jordyn.   Looking back, it really is hard to fathom that Jason would come to me so many years later to provide entertainment for Zach’s Bar Mitzvah, and most recently, his daughter Jordyn’s Bat Mitzvah Record Hop.  Jason isn’t the first of my friends that has turned to me to play the role of DJ, or coordinator, and he won’t be the last (Dean Rubenstein’s daughter Shara’s Bat Mitzvah is coming up in November).  It’s likely the greatest honor a friend could entrust me with.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah’s are a very special and important landmark in the life of a Jewish boy or girl, and naturally we treat each party with care. In the case when it’s a party for a friend of mine, it takes on greater significance, because it’s personal. Certainly not as personal as if it were my own child, but since, so far, I don’t have any children of my own (or at least none I’m aware of), it’s the closest thing.

In Jordyn’s case, we were very lucky.  She’s a pretty special kid.  Working with her parents to plan the event was fun, but the real highlight was Jordyn herself. Jordyn is bright, charming, witty, insightful and had some really creative, exciting and specific ideas about her Record Hop party.  Basically, a Record Hop differs from a Bat Mitzvah party in that it skips over the traditional formalities and gets right down to the party itself.  In this case, Jason and Wendy let Jordyn play a pretty big part in pulling together the concept and theme of her party (very wise of them), which allowed for the event to take on Jordyn’s personality, which, in my humble opinion, is really awesome.

Although this is just a short blog post about Jordyn, and how very cool she is, we will be following it up with a second blog post not only about the party, but about how the staff of Cutting Edge Entertainment put it all together. The theme was a nightclub… “Club Jordyn”, and I don’t think that we could have made it any more authentic. DJ, dancers, and a massive night club lighting rig (which you will see in the follow up) are what went into making the celebration truly unique…

Just like Jordyn.

-DJ Craig

Bat Mitzvah

P.S. I just had to throw in this last photo, taken by photographer Michael Duretz. Jordyn might kill me for it, but I think it truly shows her zany, silly and goofball side, which is truly part of her charm.

Learn more about Jordyn’s Record Hop

Part Two: The Setup


Photos courtesy of Michael Duretz –


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  1. Jordyn

    This is the best!!
    thanks soo much!!
    i love the blog
    i loved the party!!
    and i love how special it makes me feel!!

    love the last picture by the way!!(Craig)

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