What CEE Means to Me…

Mitzvah Dancer

I was just a little girl (around ten years old) when I first “met” Cutting Edge Entertainment at my brother’s Bar Mitzvah, where I was carried into the room by one of the dancers (Pedro). Dancing since the age of three, I would have never thought I would be performing in front of people as a profession. At every party that my family would attend Cutting Edge Entertainment seemed to be the DJ company that everyone we knew was using. As I got older, Craig said to me one day at a party I was invited to, “When you’re older, I’d like you to come work for Cutting Edge”. As a child I never thought I would live up to his expectations, and would certainly never be like the dancers who were at my brother’s Bar Mitzvah.

As I now begin my third year as a Cutting Edge employee, I look back on when I started working here and being taught the ropes by one of the MCs, Shoshana, and  I realized that I could achieve anything I set my mind to, because Cutting Edge is a great place, with an environment that really allowed me to grow as a person.  Working at Cutting Edge I’ve learned so much about myself, and I’ve grown up from the quiet, shy girl I once was.  Before I got this job, I was afraid to stand up in front of a room full of people and talk.  Now, after working here all this time, I no longer have that fear. I even get on the microphone and talk to crowds of people, and I love it!

I learned that having a job that you love is not always about the money, it’s about enjoying what you do. Working for Cutting Edge parties I sometimes forget that it’s a job. I get so into the music and the kids that I feel like I am just hanging out with new friends and the time flies by. Everyone is extremely close and it’s like working with family. We’ve built a relationship as a team and everyone has taken me under their wing as one of their younger (sapling) dancers.


Photo by Kevin York – www.kevinyorkphotography.com


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  1. Nate Jones

    Aw my sapling…. I have watched you grow and mature into not only an amazing entertainer, dancer, and overall great human creaturebeing. I love working with you and you are an irreplaceable asset to the team.

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