Don’t Call It a Comeback…

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When tossing around ideas for my “Return to Cutting Edge Entertainment” blog post, those famous opening lines from the LL Cool J classic ‘Mama Said Knock You Out’ kept ringing in my head as a perfect opening…

“Don’t call it a comeback / I’ve been here for years”

Literally, I have been here for years. And though I may have been “out of circulation” for a little while, I never really left… not in my heart. And now, I’m back on the scene and ready for action… and it feels great.

I guess a good place to start would be the very beginning, the Fall of 1996. I got my first opportunity to work for a DJ company, albeit as just the guy who carried the milk crates full of records; yes, those large vinyl discs that spin slowly. My job was that of an observer and a helping hand. I would help the Master of Ceremonies and the Disc Jockey carry all the records and equipment and take notes the entire party as I watched the DJ work his magic with seamless precision. The more parties worked, the more I helped the DJ, learning about all genres of music from Big Band to Top 40, from Jazz to Hip Hop, from Motown to Funk and everything in-between, all the while gaining experience and confidence with every successful party. Working with the best DJs I also learned the most important part of any party, the art of  ‘Reading a Crowd.’  This is the most important skill a DJ should have. A great DJ knows what their client wants, and is able to deliver a great party every time.

Over time, several DJ practices, lots of party experience and constant badgering of MCs to give me a chance, I finally became an everyday DJ for any Master of Ceremony that needed me. After years of being the best DJ I could be, I was ready to take the next step; to become an MC, Event Coordinator & great Entertainer. Eventually, Craig gave me the chance to start doing my own parties and I never looked back. I worked hard not only at perfecting my art of being a great Entertainer, but also building a quality rapport with all my clients. I had the luxury of learning what it takes to be a great Master of Ceremonies from the numerous talented MCs at Cutting Edge Entertainment. I learned how to work with my clients fashioning THE perfect party they’ve pictured in their minds.

Word spread, and for several years I was a highly requested MC at all kinds of events all across the Philadelphia Area.  Ultimately, as I got older, health issues forced me to take a step back from my passion of providing the perfect party for all my clients.

My passion and enthusiasm for the industry never went away.  I still kept in touch with my Cutting Edge Family as often as possible during my brief sabbatical. Recently, I was approached by Craig who asked me to take a position with the company that he said was tailor made just for me.  He asked me to resume doing a lot of what I loved when I was an MC, but without actually being at the event. I would still get to meet with clients and work with them to build their dream party. I can help them bring their visions into reality and make sure they are set up with the perfect staff for their event.

When Craig explained everything the job entailed, I couldn’t say no. I accepted the position, and here I am writing about the “comeback”… that really isn’t a comeback. I honestly feel like I never left… nor do I think that anyone who works for Cutting Edge Entertainment ever feels like they really leave Cutting Edge. No matter where life takes them. After all, a family is family… no matter what.

Tony Donato
Networking Director
Cutting Edge Entertainment

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