A Great DJ Comes Home

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, we hired a kid named Brian. At the time, Brian was around fifteen years old and although young, had all of the ingredients for the makings of a great Disc Jockey. He was technically inclined, having an understanding of sound, lighting and audio-visual equipment, but even more, he had a passion for music, which made him a virtual sponge (which he still is to this day) for learning new music, which – in my humble opinion – is one of the most important skills a DJ must possess. In addition to all of these DJ specific attributes, the kid was honest, dependable, responsible and a hard worker. As Brian grew up with our company, I was privileged to watch him evolve both as a DJ, and as a person, and although much of what made Brian Brian should be credited to his parents and his upbringing, I’m also convinced through years of working with young people that much of what they are comes from inside, and Brian’s got some great stuff inside.

Now the middle part of the story gets a bit blurry. Upon graduating High School, Brian went away to college. After graduating he moved back to Philadelphia, did some work for the Philadelphia Flyers – doing music for the games – and getting into some videography on the side. In time, Brian ended up still working as a DJ, but did it for another area company, and would not return to Cutting Edge Entertainment until 2010.

When Brian and I first sat down to discuss his returning to Cutting Edge as a MC/DJ. I asked to look at his music collection, and was wholly impressed. Then we put him on his first event, and I dropped in on him unannounced only to be impressed once again. He was confident on the microphone without being cheesy, spoke clearly and articulately, and best yet, had a packed dance floor. Shortly after, Brian authored a blog post here titled DJ Brian: Full Circle, which was 100% accurate… Brian had come full circle.

In the time that Brian has been back at C.E.E., he has quickly become one of our more requested Disc Jockey entertainers.  He is an organized and skilled wedding MC, and his affability makes him a team player, communicating and working well with other event professionals and making certain that the event runs as smoothly as possible. Brian truly cares about making things work, making clients happy and making an event as great as it can be, even pushing the limits to try to make them even greater.  I’m not only happy to have Brian back at Cutting Edge, but I am grateful.  He is a top-notch DJ, and a truly good guy, and we are lucky to have someone of his talents and skill level as part of our team.


Photo by Kevin York – www.kevinyorkphotography.com




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  1. Thank you Craig for the nice words. It has been an honor to be back with Cutting Edge. Having this opportunity to reconnect with old friends and colleagues is what makes our company a great place to work.

    Let’s keep on rockin’!

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